3-2-1 Introduction

Kathy Fagan

3 "fun facts" about me:

1. I don't teach in a classroom, but in library meeting rooms. We do have access to a whiteboard, wifi, and a projector. My phone doesn't work in one of my classes (it's in the basement) but for some reason, all of the learners' phones do!

2. Hubby and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary hiking in the Banff area.

3. I took up knitting about 7 years ago. If you knit, look for me at Ravelry (online knitting/crochet community)! I'm YOKathyYO.

2 things I want to learn from this course:

I'm looking for ways to use mobile technology to address needs that can't be addressed already with what we have available. For example, the CamScanner app has dealt with the fact that I don't have access to a copy machine! So, in that spirit ...

1. We had to cancel an unusual number of classes this year due to bad weather. It would be cool to have an online meeting place where we could all get together in cases like that. And where learners could get together on their own to practice if they want. We have a blog, but we need something "live". Is Hangouts the best choice? I hope to hear the opinions and experience of the group!

2. I would love to set up electronic portfolios for my learners! In addition to their written work (CamScanner, or whatever they email or post), I would like to include videos of their presentations and voice recordings to show their growth in speaking over time. When they leave, I would like to hand it off to them to use as they please.

1 activity my students enjoyed:

When we were exploring the topic of "small businesses", I sent small groups out to different parts of the nearby neighborhood with a camera and some questions. They were to find a small business and document the answers to the questions (Does it look successful? What makes you say that? etc.) We got a nail salon, a food truck, and a chocolate shop, among other things! They really enjoyed sharing their finds with each other when they returned. At the time, I didn't know how to project all of their pictures so they passed the phones around. Now, I'm thinking they could have posted to Instagram.
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Here's an avatar I made with http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/ ... fun!