Daily Affirmation

Edison is a K-8 non-auditioned experiential innovation network school. We believe that arts education and learning the language of music as well as the other disciplines increases capacity for academic success and self-confidence.

To that end, Edison employs 9.5 highly qualified arts teachers as opposed to the general 3 offerings that traditional schools have. Specialized arts classes are embedded into the master schedule and arts integration is implemented in all academic classrooms for all grades. Those courses include digital design, animation, sculpture, painting, leveled instrumental groups including band, strings, guitar, dance groups, theater groups, piano classes, music theory, art history, composition, musical theatre, ceramics, choir, drum ensemble, drumline, arts science, stagecraft, stage management and more.

Through our Community Arts Performances, we invite outside artists and performers to interact with and perform for our students and take them to at least one outside performance (Symphony, IRT, Butler, etc.) each year. We have produced sell-out musicals and over 30 student and community performances a year. Our students have gone on to become Broadway, big screen and local actors, dancers, artists, musicians, and gold medal contest winners.