Marine Corps JROTC

Cadet Summer Program

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day celebration. We’ll be back at it tomorrow, same time, same place.

This Week’s Online Assignment:

This week’s assignment is on identifying and treating “Heat Injuries”. The assignment can be accessed at this link: HEAT INJURIES. If you have trouble with the link, you can simply go to, access the “student” section, and enter the code XGMLA where prompted. Again, be sure to use your real name and student ID # whenever logging into a Nearpod assignment. Not doing so will result in you not getting credit for completing the assignment.

Reminder of Nearpod's "Immersive Reader"

Many of the lesson in Nearpod have a lot of embedded text. While this is not a problem when the lesson is being presented in-person, in a classroom, it does become tedious when you are accessing the lesson at home. Fortunately, Nearpod has a feature called "Immersive Reader". By clicking on the icon (shown on the right), Nearpod will read the text from each slide to you, rather than you having to scroll through several paragraphs of text. Simply put in your headphones, click the icon, and listen to the lesson as you manually advance each slide.
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