Author: Veronica Roth


All sixteen year olds have to take an aptitude test which lets them know which faction they belong in. There are five factions Erudites, Amity, Dauntless, Candor, and Abnegation. After they get their results they can decide to stay with their families faction or transfer to a new one. Beatrice is born into an Abnegation family but when she takes the aptitude test, she gets the news that she is divergent (which isn't good). The test proctor tells her to never tell anybody. On choosing Day, she transfers to Dauntless and her brother transfers to Erudite. At the dauntless compound she makes friends with Al, Christina, and Will but finds conflict with Peter, Drew, and Molly. She falls in love with dauntless instructor, Four. The night after a ceremony, all dauntless initiates that were injected with a simulation, become sleep-walking soldiers controlled by the Erudite that are under orders to attack the Abnegation compound. The serum doesn't work on Beatrice and Four because they are both divergent. They have to work together to stop the Erudite.
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Beatrice: Divergent, Caleb's sister, originally Abnegation

Four: Hard-Headed, Beatrice's boyfriend, strong

Caleb: Really smart, brother of Beatrice

Eric: Dauntless leader, Helps Erudite

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Man vs. Self: Beatrice has to decide which faction to go to.

Man vs. Man: She has stop the Erudite from killing all Abnegation.

Man vs. Society: Beatrice has to get over the the other dauntless teasing her about transferring from Abnegation.