Did your Shul receive our Gift yet?

please check your snail mail

A Gift for your Shul - High Holiday Greeting Cards

Dear Rabbis, Shul Presidents, Board member and Young Israel Staff,

You should have received your High Holiday Greeting Cards in the mail by now, if not , please check your snail mail today.

These High Holiday Greeting Cards are booklets that we have prepared explaining the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services for you. This is the first project of our new One Community outreach initiative. The booklets are to help those in your Shul better understand the High Holiday services. We have found that even many regular attendees may find information in the booklet that will help them understand the meaning and purpose of the prayers.

Please feel free to distribute the booklets to your Congregation as you see fit and have them readily available.

Our goal in our One Community initiative is to further service your Shuls with programs and products that will help benefit your Shul's growth with new memberships and more financial support. Our next booklet will be an explanation of the Shabbat morning service, using the Young Israel of Scarsdale's template that they have so graciously given to us, for attendees new and old of your Shul.

The Online Survey

For those Shuls that have not yet completed the Survey that has been previously sent - we kindly request again that you PLEASE take a few minutes to fill it out. :-)

52 Shuls out of the 52 Shuls that have answered the survey have signed up for a very powerful line up of NEW programs customized to help benefit and grow your Shul.

Additionally, we are thanking in advance, those Shuls that have offered to play a leadership role and share their successful programming ideas and tools in the survey how they grew their congregations.


If we work together as a team with the strength of our 25,000 Young Israel families - we can help change the future of American Jewry...again..just as the founders of Young Israel did in the 1920s.

Please join us - together we can accomplish great things.

Shana Tovah,

Rabbi Yakov Couzens, National Director of Outreach & Development

Rabbi Binaymin Hammer, Director of Rabbinic Services

Ari Matityahu, Assistant Director, Synagogue Services

National Director of Outreach, Young Israel