Year-end Performance Management

Corporate Services

Corporate Services Year-end Performance Management

As we approach the year-end performance management period, we want to remind you of the process and highlight a few key changes to the process for Corporate Services. Our team has worked hard this year to ensure we are providing a clear and concise process that supports you all, please also see the FAQ sheet that should cover any further questions you may have.

Preparation for 2014 Round Table

Please ensure you update the following in CIT:

  • Ensure you have completed your Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Ensure you have requested & followed up on Supplemental Feedback for contribution activities
  • Line managers: complete corporate services appraisal forms in CIT for all individuals that you manage

Corporate Services Round Tables

  • Round tables for Corporate Services will take place in January/ February and will be attended by local function leads (up to the relevant level), an independent chair and the local geography leadership team (dependent on level). Attendance may vary by geography
  • For those performing global roles, there will be a global corporate services round table with input from local stakeholders

FAQ for Corporate Services

Who will represent who?

Manager serves as coach/ represents their direct reports. You can also have stakeholders provide supplemental feedback to your manager prior to round table.

Who is present at the CS Round tables?

All corporate service employees with direct reports are present (stay until their level is discussed), domain/ location leads, and an independent chair

How are CS Round tables run?

Discuss individuals level by level (start at lowest level) and move through each function. When an individual is discussed, a slide is brought up with relevant information and the manager speaks for 2 minutes: what the individual has accomplished, recommended ratings, and if recommending for promotion. Then the floor is opened for others to provide input and agree/ disagree with rating.

What is the difference between Competency ratings and Contribution ratings?

  • Competency ratings are based solely on how well an individual performs in their current position, in line with the corporate services structure.
  • Contribution ratings are determined by three factors: business performance factors (e.g. measurable cost or improvement process, management of projects to improve the way a function runs etc), involvement in additional activities (e.g. Community Groups, Assessment Centers etc) and how the role is performed (e.g. service orientation, teamwork, offering new ideas / innovations etc).

What does Contribution look like for Corporate Services employees?

Examples include, but are not limited to...

Cost Saving Activities

  • Negotiating better terms or sourcing new service provider which results in cost savings

Recruitment Activities

  • Assessment centres and university milk rounds for those in a non recruitment role

Process Improvement

  • Developing new/ or different ways of working which then impacts positively on productivity/ processes


  • Working with specialist function to review and refresh careers website
  • Project managing the procurement and implementation of new systems/ service provider

Social Events

  • Significant involvement in organizing local large scale social events like the Christmas Party/ LEF etc

People Activities

  • Being a buddy, mentor or coach


  • Owning/ co-owning or significant involvement in the development or delivery of internal training for those in non L&D role

How are ratings determined?

Competency ratings:

  1. Exceptional performance against Corp Services competency framework
  2. Very good performance against Corp Services competency framework
  3. Good performance against Corp Services competency framework
  4. Inconsistent performance against Corp Services competency framework
  5. Not performing against Corp Services competency framework

Contribution ratings:

  1. Stands out against peers
  2. More than peers
  3. Consistent with peers
  4. Fallen short of peers
  5. No contribution

How is compensation and bonus determined?

Compensation and bonus are based off of an individual's competency and contribution ratings. The weight of each rating on comp/ bonus may vary from geography to geography.

How are promotions determined?

  • Employees have the opportunity for promotion either by moving into an existing higher level position or by changing/ expanding the scope of their current role
  • Manager recommends a promotion at RT and opens floor to discussion

We hope that by making these changes to the performance management process we can ensure that all individuals in Corporate Services are being recognized and rewarded appropriately and fairly in line with their roles and contributions. If you have any questions please contact your local HC lead.