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By Scott Messick :)

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Where Do People Live In Canada?

The majority of people in Canada live in the Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia provinces. One reason why is because they like to live near the border of the US. They want to live near us because in northern Canada, it is colder and it is warmer in south Canada. They also want to live near us because it is easier to trade with us. Plus, when trading, there are no taxes due to NAFTA.
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this tower is in Vancouver, Canada, which is in the British Columbia province

Environmental Issues.

Acid rain greatly affects the Great Lakes by polluting then which causes fish and other wildlife to die. It could even affect animals that eat the fish or drink the water. People also depend on the Great Lakes to drink from. There are also lots of mines in Canada, in fact, people mine for gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, iron ore, uranium, and nickel. Did you know that about 1.5 million people make their living by mining in Canada? But mining can damage the environment and release carbon dioxide into the air.

Canada's government.

The leader of government in Canada is prime minister (currently Stephen Harper). The head of state however is the Monarch ( currently Queen Elizabeth II.) The representative of the Monarch is called governor- general (currently Michaelle Jean.) Canada is a parliamentary democracy because people elect their leader. It is a constitutional monarchy because there is a monarch but her power is limited. It is federal because all provinces have a small government and can make their own decisions if it is approved. The freedoms you get are that democratic rights, language rights, equality rights, legal rights/ mobility rights, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association. You also have responsibilities too. You must respect the rights and freedoms of others, obey Canada's laws, participate in democratic processes, and respect Canada's 2 official languages and heritages.