Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks

What about you?

Schultz growing up in Brooklyn, New York graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications, but found a new direction. In Coffee of coarse! He decided that he fell in love with what we all know and enjoy Starbucks.

Am I a Leader?

Inhereted or learned behaviors.

Schultz being a coffee guy you would think that he would be a hyperactive person. Well you're somewhat correct. Schultz was a natural athlete growing up. He led the basketball courts at home and in football in school. He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors in Science. Sounds cool right! Well not only was does he have the brains and the bronze, but he knew when he stepped into Starbucks he quote " I can't explain it , but i knew i was in a special place, and the product kind of spoke to me." So with his leadership skills and talent he became the CEO of Starbucks.
Howard Schultz on Leadership