Music Notes

May 2015

Musical Adventures!

As the weather warms and days stretch out, the music room is full throttle with musical adventures. Students continue to expand their knowledge of music literacy, movement, composing, instrumental ensembles, singing, and more. Check it out:

Fourth & Fifth Grade Students Practice Chords with Ukulele

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Our fourth and fifth grade students perform sing folk tunes while playing ukulele. Fourth graders sing a Native American piece "The Canoe Song." Fifth graders sing a Civil War piece "900 Miles." Students develop an understanding that chords are two or more notes sounding together.

Fifth Grade Students Perform in Instrumental Ensembles

Below, our fifth grade students work on balance, maintaining tempo, mallet technique, teamwork, and listening skills while singing. They reminded me that playing an instrument makes you "think a lot."
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Third Grade Students Peform Folk Dancing and Creative Movement

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Achav! Achav! Awake! Awake! A folk dance from Israel. Here, third grade students perform a two part folk dance with partners to develop an understanding of contrasting musical sections as well as changing tempo. We also build teamwork & communication with each other in working together to perform this dance.
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Who Has Seen the Wind? Third grade students sing a song that began as a poem. We explored the peaceful mood of this piece by using scarves to create leveled movements while singing the song. Here are the words to this poem by Christina Rosetti:
Who has seen the wind?, neither you nor I, but when the leaves bow down their head, the wind is passing by.
Who has seen the wind?, Neither I nor you, but when the leaves bow down their head, the wind is passing through.

Second Grade Students Perform Ostinatos, Rhythms, and Tempos

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Students speak and play repeated rhythm patterns called ostinatos to form harmony in a song favorite Bow, Wow, Wow. Students use rhythm sticks, maracas, and tone blocks to create 3 part harmony with the song and game. We performed our song using a slower tempo -Largo and a faster tempo -Allegro.

First Grade Students are Composing Melodies

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Pictured above are first grade partners composing a two note melody on the staff. After completing their melody, they sing it using so and mi solfa syllables as part of a scale.

Kindergarten Students Play a Steady Beat Game with Song and Instruments

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Kindergarten students are becoming "pros" at keeping the steady beat. Above, students sing the much loved song "Apple Tree" while tapping steady beat on others with a foam apple. Once the apple lands on a student, they sing & play steady beat on the tube-like instruments called "boom whackers." They are as much fun as they sound!

Drama Club Production of Harry Potter

Drama club & chorus did a stellar job in the recent production of Harry Potter. Chorus students worked diligently every week from February until April on six pieces for the show. Our version of Hedwig's Theme was complete with Orff instruments and cello. Many selections had student created choreography as well. Other pieces included Double Trouble, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, I Wonder, and Stand By Me. Congrats to our cast and chorus on a JOB WELL DONE!
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K/1 Music Program

Friday, May 29th, 9am

1407 Crozet Avenue

Crozet, VA

Our K/1 students will perform the play "Too Much Noise" on Friday May 29th at 9am and 6:30pm. This play is about a family being grateful for what they have. Our show includes singing, speaking parts, and props and our very own house!