How to be a Success at GaVS

and in AP Environmental Science

Steps to Success at Georgia Virtual

  • Set up and use your GaVL email and Google apps .
  • Download, Print and Follow your group's (18, 16 or 14 week) course schedule/syllabus.
  • Read the News Items on your course(s) homepage daily.
  • Work every day and toward getting and staying ahead of the course's schedule.
  • ALWAYS contact me (your teacher) if you have questions or concerns.

Steps to Success in AP Environmental Science

  • Read all lessons at least twice and use each units' essential questions to direct your note taking and to later use as a study guide to prepare for tests
  • Use the course eTextbook and the reading guide to supplement your content knowledge
  • Allocate adequate time to complete assignments (especially labs) BEFORE the assignment deadlines
  • Labs should be submitted as a formal lab report - this is a college level course
  • Show all work on assignments requiring calculations, plus include correct units
  • Discussions are a forum to review and evaluate different perspectives on a topic- so read your classmates' posts
  • Use resources like Shmoop and the links in the User Links widget for help with challenging topics and additional practice and review
  • Do your own work, but always include and cite resources to support your position for all assignments
  • Attend Adobe Connect Office Hours for supplemental lessons and Q and A sessions
  • ALWAYS contact me (your teacher) if you do not understand a concept or assignment

Contact Me

Really, I am not an app - so please call, text or email me as I am here to help YOU be a success in our course.