Siobhan Mansfield

Wooranna Park Primary School

My teaching philosophy

Teaching Approaches

Professional Learning

March 2011- Creating Calmer Classrooms (Leaps and Bounds)

June 2001- Play is the Way (Wilson MacCaskill)

August 2011- A whole school approach to behaviour management (Bill Rogers)

May 2012- Engage and Inspire your Students (John Nottingham)

July 2012- ICT for graduates: iPads, Ultranet, IWBs

July 2012- Michael Ymer Maths Investigations at Silverton PS

August 2012- Patterns in Mathematics (Marsha Dickens)

May 2013- Professor Yong Zhao

May 2013- Managing Dyslexia- 3 sessions

My Achievements


Open ended, rich assessment tasks that allow all students to participate and demonstrate what they can do instead of higlighting what they can not do.


Catering to Students' Interests and Passions

Entrepreneurial Skills

During the action phase of our Project in 2012 the students were able to use their research to inform others of environmental issues around the world and empart their knowledge to readers. The students ran their own product based learning sessions whereby they created the following products for the community.

Catering for Diversity

Building strong relationships with the students so that we can be honest with one another, respect each other's opinion and trust each other

Providing activities and learning opportunities that allow these students to interact with the nature of the task on a modified level

Getting to know the students on a personal level and understanding their passions and interests in order to create learning tasks which are relevant, meaningful and engaging to them

Development of ICT skills

Telegame for student reflection

Smore for review publication and Wakakirri documentation

Edublogs- particularly the addition of Widgets to page to enhance student interest

Risks & Challenges 2013

Music Elective Group

Steph's Chefs Elective Group


Patrick Griffin PLT

Planning for BYOD

Student Directed Workshops and Target Teaching sessions

Leadership Roles

Medication administrator at camp

Camp booklet creation

Adminstration and liason with Wakakirri Association

Member of the Patrick Griffin PLT

Mentoring of student teachers

Member of WPPS consultative committee

How I contribute to the school beyond the classroom

Wakakirri after school practices

School fundraising BBQs

After hours PD

Assisting with Active After School Sports when required

Sourcing materials after hours eg. costume sale, Reverse Art Truck


Neon Disco assistance for both Junior and Senior School

Future thoughts

Areas of Improvement

Using the school's formal documents such as The Curriculum Profiles to assist with assessment and student's personal assessment

Continuing to develop my ability to implement open ended assessment

Strive to push the boundaries to create a learning environment with a significant emphasis on autonomous learners who have an active voice within the curriculum choices

Utilising the resources within other units such as the Stimulated Learning Platforms

Attend PDS to assist with core skills such as mathematics and literacy

Improving my knowledge and practise of Reggio Emilia

Future Plans

Mentoring program run by the teachers to work with 5/6 students as EQ buddies

Improve links between classroom practices and the local community of Dandenong

Pushing boundaries of student ownership

Greater global collaboration with schools around the world