Scott Hudson

Jacob Olvera


  • " I'm never going to survive freshman year," Scott said gravely
  • " I write to my future brother whom I call smelly," Scott said foully
  • " Lee seems emo," Scott said cuttingly


" You can't read, Bobby?" " You have a gift." Bobby said


  • " Flux rox," Scott, conclusively
  • " I want a hot dog," Tom said frankly
  • " Mouth is noisy," Scott said loudly


" I kept thinking about Mouth. He was probably all alone in the hospital. I tried to tell myself that he'd get lots of visitors. But i knew that was a total lie. Nobody would go to see him. He didn't have any friends. Even if he did, the whole suicide thing was incredibly hard to deal with."


" Hi. You okay?" I asked when i reached her. Julia gave me a sad smile. " Yeah , I'm okay." I guess girls lie about that, too."Dance?" I asked. She nodded " I'd like that."


I think he wants to be a writer when he grows up. Also i think he really wants to be with Julia. Also he really doesn't want Patrick to move to Texas