Rily's Application

Staff Travelling Scholarship, 2014 BETT Conference in London

What benefit do you feel your attendance at the conference would bring to you professionally and how will you apply this learning to your role at TSPS?

As a younger member of the teaching profession I believe having the opportunity to attend the global meeting place for the education technology community, amongst 35,000 other educators and learning professionals will develop my skills and awareness in ICT from an early stage in my career. Therefore benefiting my teaching skills.

I believe attending this event will be the best way for me to see the latest technology, in order to shape and improve the way my students learn in my classroom and at Truganina South Primary School as a whole.

The benefits I believe my attendance at the conference will bring to me professionally are:

- Stronger passion towards using ICT in my teaching.

- Better understanding of what is out there and how to include it in my teaching.

- Variety of ICT tools to engage my students and share with my colleagues.

- Confidence in leading the way in ICT in my community, school and profession.

Outline your interest in the conference and the elements that will engage and interest you most.

My main interest in the conference is to develop my skills and understanding in a particular curriculum area that I can then share with others, including my students, colleagues and other members of the teaching profession.

From browsing the 'BETT Conference Powering Learning' website I decided the elements that will engage and interest me the most are:


· 3P Learning: Mathletics and Reading Eggs

· BBC Motion Gallery

· Boardwords: whole class teaching on IWB

· Brainpop


· Classroom monitior: online tool, reports to parents.


· ICT tools that encourage students to lead their own learning.

· Tools for teaching and learning, in particular collaborating ICT tools.


· Stephen Hepell: Combining creativity, flexibility and technology to transform learning and teaching in schools.

· Susan Greenfield: Technology and how we learn

· Tim Rylands: Back to their future – new ways to engage and motivate students of all ages and abilities through a newly explored world of web tools

Describe an ICT project or initiative you have implemented across your team or whole school?

An ICT project that I have implemented in my team is the creation of a ‘Google Doc’ to record our students learning goals and achievements. This was an online program that all teachers could access and edit both at school and home. We then used this document as our draft for our school reports. In the future I would like to see something like this set up inviting parents to view the material.

How would you share your knowledge upon return to TSPS?

Upon my return from attending the ‘2014 BETT Conference' in London, I will work collaboratively with my colleagues whom also attended the conference and create interactive Professional Learning sessions to run with the whole staff. We will together take out key points of information from the conference and introduce it to all staff.

Sharing our newly learnt knowledge with all staff at T.S.P.S will support our school to be a leader in the use of technology and 21st Century pedagogy. I would also offer my new expertise to assist staff members who need extra support. I will assure that I am implementing the skills and tools I have learnt within my learning community for others to observe.

I look forward to being part of the investigation of the world’s best practise in ICT and 21 century learning.

Lily Allen - LDN