Irish Americans

By Aidan Kay

First years in America

The Irish got freedom after 3 to 7 years. They were very poor. They took whatever job they could get. Most of the Irish did not go to school in years.

The jobs they got

Jobs they got they work in copper mines, factories, dig ditches and coal mines


There dance is the jig

St. Patrick's Day


New Year's Day

Where they settled

They settled in New Orleans, New York, Wisconsin and Boston

They came to America

The great potato famine. England took over Ireland. England pass a law that Catholics must leave there religion. They wanted to keep there religion so they came to America.

3 facts about my culture

  1. E
  2. R
  3. T

Matzo and chocolate

  1. Go to the store and buy matzo and chocolate
  2. Put the matzo on the plate
  3. Spread the chocolate carefully
  4. Love it