Bengal Tiger

BY:Emily Showers

Caring for their young

  • Tigers mate and produce cubs throughout the year.Digestion is about 3 month litters vary from one to six cubs.
  • Cubs weigh less than 2 pounds and one about 1 foot long at birth.
  • The Bengal Tiger usually breeds in the spring,when the female becomes fertile for 3 to 7 days.
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  • Tigers are meat eaters.
  • Tigers stalk their prey and then pounce on them from behind,usually at night.Their night vision is 6 times better than a humans.
  • The tiger can eat up to 66 lbs of meat at one time every part of its prey,including the skin and the hair,which helps with digestion.
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  • The tiger is found in the 18 states within India.
  • It lives in thorn,tropical,and deciduous forests,mangrove swamps,and grass jungles.
  • The Bengal tiger adopts to the environment,as much at home in the cold forests of the Himalayas as it is in the warm,humid mangrove swamps of the suburbans region that straddles north eastern,India and Bangladesh.
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Interesting facts

  • As the worlds largest cat,our adult male tiger can weigh up to 600 pounds,350 pounds.
  • Tigers are about 7 to 10 fact from head to rear.
  • The Siberian tiger is the worlds largest cat adult males may reach more than 11.8 in length.
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