Modern Society

and how the stereo types affect people

Social Media Stereo types


The nerd is often thought of someone with glassed that is over wight and all they do is play video games and read comics all the time. They are often thought to have no live and many people do not want to be friends with them because of the way they act and dress. The stereo type also says that they are suppose to be very smart.

In reality nerd are just about everywhere and anyone can be one because reading comics and playing video games is main stream now. The nerd stereo type is starting to go away in today society


The stereo typical Jew normally has a big nose and is cheap. Most of them are bankers and are rich. They also do not like people that fallow Islam.

This cannot be farther from the truth. Maybe some people that are Jew are cheap but anyone can be cheap and having a big nose do not make you Jewish.


The Stereo typical redneck is someone that is backward in the way he see the world. They chew and drive trucks are all racist They are also all stupid and are in bread, they are also often thought of as dirty. the all were jeans, baseball hats and flannels or they go sleeveless.

Some of the thing said here a true, yes a lot of rednecks dive trucks but then most people from the country dive trucks because they need them to work. Yes a lot of rednecks wear jeans and boots but that is because they work outside and that is the safest way to do it. Most redneck are not racist either, a lot of the time they get along with everyone because they are raised to be polite and show people respect. Rednecks are actually really good people and will give you the shirt off their back to help you if you need it.

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