In Mexico they celebrate " Navidad " known as Christmas from December 12th to January 6th. They have fiestas , fireworks , games , and many other traditions that go along with the days they celebrate Christmas. Around the time of Christmas people in Mexico also fill their homes with red Poinsettia flowers these flowers don't only bring good smelling smells to the house but they also make the house looking colorful . The people also have a special oval sweetbread , decorated with candied fruit called the " Rosca de Reyes ," which is offered to the people in town by the bakeries. Inside the Rosca a plastic figurine of Jesus is hidden. It symbolizes the
need to find a secure place where Jesus could be born , so king Herod would not find him.
Then , each person would cut a slice of the Rosca to symbolize the danger baby Jesus was in. Also they have many more foods.
Many of the foods that people in Mexico eat are not the kind of food we eat at Christmas but to them it's perfectly fine. One food they eat is the " Ensalade de Noche Buena ," it's a salad with many different ingredients. Another food they eat is " Tamales ," which are cornmeal dumplings with different fillings. They don't only eat salad's and dumpling's but they eat a hominy soup with pork or chicken called " Pozole ." They eat many different foods throughout their Christmas celebration that are incredibly made , but all that matters is if they love what they eat.
Every year in Mexico they perform the "Posada ." There are nine Posadas . People get on their horses and go from " inn to inn ," asking for a place to stay. The children are given candles and a board with painted clay figures of Mary riding a donkey with Joseph to walk around the town with. Then , afterwards they would have parties and one common thing they would do is play the piñata game . To play the piñata game the children get blindfolded and take turns hitting the piñata untill it splits. Finally after cracking the piñata the children would rush up and pick up as many sweets as they could. Each child that was good during the year would receive a gift from the" Three Wise Man ," on January 6th. People in Mexico sing songs and do many dances throughout their Christmas days. Each culture celebrates Christmas differently as long as they all celebrate the birth of Jesus .