Web Tools 2.0 for the Classroom

Spring 2016


How the class runs...

As you explore the class, you will notice that all of the discussions and assignments are already open to you. Feel free to work ahead! I encourage it!

Each week consists of: a main assignment in which you explore a website or web tool, creation of an artifact, posting a link of the finished product to the class Wiki page (with a brief summary/explanation), and submitting the assignment to the DropBox for grading.

After completing each assignment, go over this checklist to ensure completion:

  • Did I explore a website or web tool according to the assignment guidelines?
  • Did I create an artifact?
  • Did I post a link to the class Wiki page (with a brief explanation/summary)?
  • Did I submit my assignment to the DropBox for grading?

Assignments are due to the Wiki page and to the DropBox by Saturday by 11:59pm each week. Late assignments will not be accepted.

I have posted SAMPLE assignments to the Wiki pages already. It may be helpful for you to view my creations first, prior to creating your own. However, do not copy what I have created, as mine may not meet all of the requirements of the assignment. They are simply used as a sample for you to use as reference. All of the websites offer FAQ pages, also, if you are having trouble finding your way around.

Along with weekly assignments, you will also have a graded Discussion Board (during Weeks 7 & 14).

Initial Posts for the Discussion Board are due by Thursday by 11:59pm. Comments for the Discussion Board are due by Saturday by 11:59pm.

Assignments & Grading

Weekly Assignments

I want this course to be a fun learning experience for everyone. I want to allow some element of creativity and freedom with the creation of each of the tools you will be using, and I hope that you will be able to use these tools in your own classroom. Each assignment is worth 10 points. To fully earn 10 points, your created product should demonstrate that you used the tools and options described in the assignment instructions, as well as, made an attempt to demonstrate creativity and additional exploration of options, beyond the basic/generic templates. What you create should be personal and should exemplify time, effort, and a connection to either your personal or professional life. Looking ahead, I will use the following criteria to grade your assignments submitted to the drop box each week:

10 points: Exemplary work; Created product and explanation is above the required basic content; clearly demonstrates time, effort, and consideration

9 points: Proficient work; Created product and explanation meets required basic content; demonstrates time, effort, and consideration

8 points: Basic work; Created product and explanation is below the required basic content; demonstrates little time, effort, and consideration

7 points: Limited work; Created product and explanation contains limited required content; demonstrates little or no time, effort, and consideration

Discussion Forums:

There are only two discussion forums in this course. One at week 7 and one at week 14. Learners need to make an initial posts by Midweek (Thursday), and respond to 2 other classmates with substantial and thoughtful feedback by Saturday of that week. To earn the full 10 points, the posts need to be made on time, and need to contain thoughtful feedback and comments that add to or enhance the discussion. A response of simply "good job" or " I like what you did" will earn only a score of 9 at the most for the forum.

Some tools you will explore: