SHGS Newsletter

April 20, 2020

Notes and News

Dear SHGS Families,

I pray this newsletter finds you and your family well. I hope each of you had a blessed Easter and wonderful spring break.

Classes have resumed today, Monday, April 20th. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that our teachers continue to work hard to provide rich and varied learning experiences for your children during our remote learning/instruction. If your child has not already, it is crucial that your child login into their Google Classroom or Seesaw classroom and complete the assignments provided. We would like to have students attend our classroom Zoom meetings to receive direct instruction from their teachers. Student assignments should be submitted by the due dates given and may receive a zero if not turned in. Please continue to check your child’s class webpage on our school web site for assignments at and email your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support. We miss your children, our staff, and our school community. Stay safe and stay healthy. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Warm Regards,

Tracy Strub

Remote Instruction Learning Expectations

Remote Instruction Learning Expectations

Please remember that proper etiquette is required to make this learning successful for all (all school and classroom rules should be followed).

We all value the opportunities provided by live platforms and do not want to remove students from these settings because of poor choices.

Expectations for Students in Remote Instruction Classes

· Login properly: only use your SHGS approved email to log in, be on time, be prepared

· Workspace: a quiet workspace, free from background noises, ensure that your workspace background is neutral and appropriate

· Present ourselves properly: dress appropriately (school approved dress down attire), identify yourself

· Instruction Time: only our SHGS student may be seen or heard during instruction/class time

· Conduct ourselves appropriately: no other devices are on (including your cell phones), no recording or pictures taking during class, raising your hand and waiting to be called on, not speaking while others are speaking, be prepared for class, having materials needed for class, using the class time productively, not distracting other learners, be on time, work together, be patient with each other, respect each other and your teacher

· Participation: complete all assignments, work to the best of your abilities, use the time wisely, find a way to contribute in a positive manner each day, be kind when sharing ideas

Consequences for Poor Choices Made by our Students in Remote Instruction Classes

· Students will be given a reminder

· Student will be removed from the session

· Email will be sent to parents to inform them of the student’s poor choices

· Student may not be allowed back into the remote learning class

We miss you all!!!

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SHGS Students' and Staff Remote Learning

Earth Day Projects

Please continue to send us photos of your child busy with remote learning


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Important Dates

Remote Learning Resumes Monday, April 20, 2020

April 20 - May 15: The school building is closed (This closing length could be extended)