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Week of February 7

Hello STEM Families and welcome to this week's newsletter. There has been a lot happening since we returned from break. Read below for some New Projects students are doing in classrooms and around the building. We also have some pictures to share from the Day of Service. As always, Health and Safety Updates are included. Athletics updates, including information on Boys and Girls Basketball Senior Nights, are below as well.


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Day of Service

Today, February 7, we held our Black History Month Day of Service here at STEM. Many students sacrificed their day off to come into STEM to help beautify our school.

Following their service, our students were able to interact with special guests who provided inspiring and informative words of wisdom. Recent graduates, Miyah Tull (STEM Class of '17), Danae Johnson (STEM Class of '18), and Markasia Costen (CHS Class of '17) spoke with students about what they have done to become successful college students.

Also, Ms. Jacqueline Goode, Director of Admissions for Cheyney University, was on hand to provide students with valuable advice on preparing for the college admissions process.

Many thanks to Coach Karen Miah for helping to organize the event, and for recruiting many of her cheerleaders to participate. Additionally, Coach Val Freeman and Ms. Charmaine Richardson were on hand to assist as well. Finally, thanks as well to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for sponsoring breakfast for all the volunteers!


Day of Service Student Volunteers:

Janiyah Spady (STEM 10th Grade)

Ta'sier Karen-Walls (STEM 10th Grade)

Tanyia Alexander (STEM 9th Grade)

Briana Walker (STEM 11th Grade)

Deja Simpkins (STEM 10th Grade)

Janylah Bishop (STEM 12th Grade)

Rnae Burton (STEM 11th Grade)

Jazlynn Jones (STEM 10th Grade)

Leah Warren (STEM 12th Grade)

Ahmiyah Horsey (STEM 11th Grade)

Naj'Zhay Todd (STEM 11th Grade)

La'Nya Bell (STEM 12th Grade)

Quamirah Yates (STEM 11th Grade)

Ja'Vayah Green (STEM 10th Grade)

Jahan Minter (STEM 8th Grade)

London Mosley (Toby Farms 6th Grade)

Alina LaForest (STEM 12th Grade)

Lamyiah Atkinson (Chester High 10th Grade)

World History - Fable Writing

After learning about Greek Myths and storytellers, Mr. Scorzetti's 9th Grade World History class wrote their own fables. Just like in the ancient Greek tradition, these stories were entertaining, but also included a moral lesson. Additionally, students employed skills they have learned in English class, like character development and figurative language. Two "STEM Fables" stood out. The first was "The Bird and The Ant" By Sierra Baxter. The moral lesson was "don't judge a book by its cover.. The second fable was "The Caiman and the Giant Otters" by Israel Nieves. The moral lesson for this fable was "those who seek to harm others often come to harm themselves through their own deceit."
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Cafeteria Mural

If you had been to our cafeteria before this year, you probably noticed our United States map mural was in serious need of an upgrade. Well, thanks to Art Teacher, Mr. Inzinna, and his After School Team, our wall looks 100% better. Check out the progression of the project below. Great job Mr. I and our student artists!

Mural Project Team

Vanya Snyder (10th Grade)

Mya Edwards (9th Grade)

Israel Nieves (9th Grade)

La'Tye Jordan (7th Grade)

Zionna Stansbury (10th Grade)

Jasmine McDowell (10th Grade)

DeYonah Young (9th Grade)

Nicole Blake (9th Grade)

Kimaura Parker (9th Grade)

Aah'Shid Brown (11th Grade)

Tracell Hill (7th Grade)

Lerah Rodriguez (8th Grade)

Andreka Dennis (12th Grade)


ID STEM - Increasing Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Dr. Thomas Butler from Crozer Health visited STEM on Wednesday, February 2. He met with 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students to speak about his experience becoming a doctor, and encourage them to participate in the ID STEM Summer Program at Crozer Hospital.

During the week of June 27, students have the opportunity to get up close experience with medical professions by attending the program at Crozer. Families, please contact Mr. Bell for more information. There are limited spots, so please reserve soon!

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Aviation Career Fair

Careers in the airlines are in higher demand than ever. The industry is growing, and employers are struggling to find qualified workers to fill all the jobs required to manage the demands of air travel.

We will be hosting an Aviation Career Fair on February 23 & 24 right here at STEM. All 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students will have the opportunity to interact with professional air traffic controllers, learn about career opportunities, and build connections with possible future employers.

Air traffic controllers receive outstanding pay and benefits, are in high demand, and have opportunities for advancement. We are extremely excited for this event and the potential benefit for our students!

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STEM Showcase and Awards Ceremony

We are excited to announce the annual STEM Talent Showcase and Award Ceremony will be returning soon! The event could not go on last year due to Covid, but it will be back this year on March 2nd.

More information will be coming soon about tickets to attend in person, and ways to watch the Showcase if you can't join us in the building.

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Report Cards

Report Cards have been published to Home Access Center. You can view your student's second marking period report card on HAC under the "Grades" tab.

Also included on the report card is the student's updated GPA and credit total (for high school students), and whether they made the Honor Roll this quarter. If your student is in high school, they should know their GPA. Ask them today!!!

If you would like a paper copy of the report card, please call the office at 610-447-3650 or email ( or

Home Access Center (HAC) Sign-Up

The HAC is where you will find your student's report card. Not only that, visiting the HAC will allow you to check your student's grades and attendance on a daily basis.

If you do not have your HAC set up yet, email Ms. Misha Memon ( She will reply with your username, password and a link to the log in page.


Vaccination Clinics

Vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself and your family from serious cases of Covid. Additionally, the more students who become vaccinated, the more likely we are to stay in school without any returns to remote learning.

In order to help increase vaccination rates, CUSD has arranged a series of free vaccination clinics for the community at our schools. Upcoming dates are listed below. The vaccinations are free for all, and you can receive first shots, second shots, and boosters. Sign up using this link: Vaccination Sign-Up

Thursday, February 10: Chester High 2:00-6:00 PM

Friday, February 11: STEM 2:00-6:00 PM

You can also check out the CUSD Vaccination Calendar for more information on available vaccination. I hope to see you at a vaccination event soon!!

Health and Safety Protocols

In addition to vaccination, it is important that everyone at STEM commit to following health and safety guidelines. Masks are required at all times while inside CUSD buildings. We recommend the use of N95/KN95 masks, or the combination of a surgical and cloth mask. The vast majority of our students have been compliant with masking policies throughout the year, and teachers will review proper masking in classes this week. In order to maintain the safety of the entire school community and ensure continuity of in-person learning, a student who refuses to comply with our masking policy will be sent home from school.

Please make sure your student comes to school with a mask - N95/KN95 if possible. We will continue to supply masks to those who forget them, however we want to ensure we continue to have plenty of extra on hand.

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is extremely contagious. If your student is feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid, they must be kept home. You can contact our office by phone or email ( to inform us of the absence.


Admissions Season is Coming...

As we approach Spring, we are planning to begin the admissions process for the next group of new STEM students. As with the past two years, our new student application will be found online beginning in early April. Please make sure your prospective 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students are checking the STEM Academy Home Page often for updates.

New student applicants will be evaluated based primarily on their report card grades from this year (2021-22). Other considerations include transcript history (for applicants already in high school), attendance, teacher recommendations, essay, and discipline. Make sure to remind prospective students to ensure their application is top-notch.

In the coming weeks, we will be visiting elementary schools to speak with students about the benefits of attending STEM Academy. If you have students at CCCS Aston, Widener Partnership, or Toby Farms, we will be coming to visit soon. We also hope to hold an in-person Prospective Student Night this Spring.

Finally, please be aware that current STEM 8th Graders must re-apply for admission into 9th Grade. Application requirements and criteria are the same as for students applying from other schools.


Upcoming Games

Check out this week's Athletic Schedule. Boys Senior Night will be this Thursday, February 10. Girls Senior Night was last Tuesday - pictures are below!
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Girls Basketball Senior Night

Boys Basketball Senior Night

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