Math Department Update 8/23/13

News you can use!!!

You are appreciated!!

Thank you for all of your hard work this week. I know it is a challenge, but we are here to make a difference in the lives of children. The road may be rocky, but the end result is glorious!!

REMINDER: When e-mailing me, make sure you choose "Dierdre M Watkins", there are two of us with the same name in the county. She spells her name slightly different, "Deirdre".

Below are three (FREE) sites that can assist you in working smarter and not harder. I use all three to enhance my learning environment. Try one or more out...don't be shy!!

What's Next...

Reminders for the upcoming week...

  • ATTENDANCE: Make sure that you take attendance during the first 5 minutes of class; students can be working on a warm-up during this time.
  • CLASS BALANCING: Ms. Black is working diligently to balance classes. During this period you will gain/lose students and/or you may gain/lose entire classes. We ask that you be patient and flexible during this time.
  • GRADEBOOK (eSIS): I will be sending out instructions for setting up your preps in your grade book. It is strongly suggested that your record your grades on paper during this period of class balancing flux..
  • TEAM PLANNING: I have most dates and times for our math teams. We should be begin our meetings this week. Remember to plan student-centered, rigorous, yet fun lessons!
  • LESSON PLANS: Lesson plans are to be uploaded into the "Math Department" folder located in First Class under the "Red School House". Lesson plans are due each Saturday by 12 noon or by Monday morning at the latest. The lesson plan template is in the Math dropbox.
  • SYLLABUS: Each student in your class should have either received or given access to your class syllabus, by now. If not, the syllabus template is located in the Math Dropbox (the link was sent to you during the first week of school) along with instructions to "personalize" your syllabus with your course information,
  • FIRST CLASS: Familiarize yourself with First Class. This is our email source and a repository for county information,
  • WEBPAGE: Work on creating your webpage. Go to the AMHS school website and peruse the websites of other teachers for ideas.
  • TEXTBOOKS: You can issue textbooks!!!! YAYYYY!! If you have NEW textbooks, these need to have the barcoded stickers placed in the inside back cover BEFORE you can issue the textbook to students. Textbooks need to scanned out to students (the barcodes can be typed in) and students must fill out a yellow card. This card serves as a receipt of textbook. Please keep these in a safe place.
  • COMMUNICATION LOGS: Call parents when students are tardy to class, cause disruptions, do not come prepared, are not doing well in class, etc. Communication is KEY to your success as a teacher. Document all parent phone calls and conferences on your parent contact log (a copy is in the math dropbox). Communication logs are due each week and are sent to Ms. Black,
  • MATH DEPARTMENT MEETING: Mark your calendars, the next meeting will be on September 2, 2013 at 3:30 pm. This will be a lengthy meeting as we will have textbook training. All teachers must have the training. Please make arrangement to attend the meeting in its entirety.

Tip of the Week!!

Use email for parent contacts whenever possible. This saves time and makes it easier to keep a “paper trail”. Parents appreciate the ease of contact. Talk to parents early on – establish a positive relationship before there are problems. Send them a positive email about something you notice about their student. Those positives are like money in the bank when you do encounter a discipline problem later in the year. Also, emailing a weekly or bi-weekly update helps the parents to keep abreast of classroom activities and your expectations.