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March 18, 2016

Charlotte's Web

One of my new favorite parts of our day has been reading several chapters of Charlotte's Web to the children during quiet time. Although many of our learners are mastering reading their own books, there is great value in reading chapter books aloud to children. I love the the way this type of story-telling increases vocabulary and even imagination as they learn to create the images of the story in their minds. I encourage you to read to your child every night! This could include pictures books you read with your child's help, but also chapter books that they hear from you!
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Learners Teaching One Another

This week we invited learners from Mrs. Collin's room to come and read to us. They also shared the invitation by inviting two of our learners to read to them. Braylon B. read Wacky Wednesday and Lilly Grace read The Big Guy Took My Ball. On Thursday, Mariah was invited to read Green Eggs and Ham to Mrs. Hernandez's first grade community. We will continue to looks for ways to share our learning outside of our classroom!

Project Work Continues with Your Help!

The last few months have flown by quickly as our food project has taken us from researching our PRS cafeteria, to eating foods from other cultures, to interviews with owners from local restaurants, to learning about planting herbs, and planting our own herbs. We've enjoyed cooking and tasting many new things! We loved our visit to Publix as we learned about each department of the store.

As we make our way around our web of project ideas, we still have several sections left to tackle. The week after spring break we have invited Dr. Afangideh, a Faulkner University professor and native of Nigeria to teach us about food from her country.

We would also like each of our K2 families to partner with us to create our very own classroom cookbook. Please begin talking with your child over the break about which recipe you would like to submit as your contribution to our book. It does not have to be fancy; just choose something that you and your child love! More information on this part of our project will come after the break.

Sight Words with Playdough

Earth Advocates

Thank you to Mrs. Collin's class for teaching us about good stewardship of the earth and about caring for one another.
Earth Advocate

Pike Road Library

Thank you to Mr. Matt from the Pike Road library for visiting us today. We loved the story How the Chipmunk Got His Stripes.
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Children and Sleep

How much sleep is recommended for your child? Please see the chart below:
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Thank you to Aubrey and Esther's Family for our new sidewalk chalk!

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