December Celebrations

Team Holcomb

Congratulations to our December Top Sellers ($500+)

Misty Hovis - $3548.64

Michelle Holcomb - $1567.12

Chantelle Ridgeway - $940.83

Nikki Winsor - $861.34

Michelle Nelson - $846.74

Sabrina Heim - $725.76

Stephanie Zarzeczny - $596.92

Wendy Hildebran - $569.73

Jill Holcomb - $1947.91


Top Party Goers (3+ parties)

Michelle Holcomb - 3

Misty Hovis - 3

Jill Holcomb - 3

Way to go Party Animals!!

Top Party

Misty Hovis -$1644


P...A...R...T...WHY?!!! CUZ I GOTTA!!

Congratulations to all of you out there partying!

Chantell Ridgeway - 2

Wendy Hildebran - 1

Bonnie Felton - 1

Staci Swab - 1

Michelle Nelson -1

Sabrina Heim - 1

Stephanie Zarzeczny - 1

Melissa Atkins - 1

Skarlett Stuchell - 1

Jessica McAdams - 1

Dayna Burchill - 1

Nikki Winsor - 1

Brenda Nelson - 1

Cindy Heim - 1

Amber Banner - 1

Erin Francisco - 1

Team Holcomb Stats

Total Personal Sales $1947.91

Total Parties - 3

Team Sales - $14,430.45

# Parties - 16

# on team - 24

SD Team Volume - $25,618.76

Total # Parties - 36

Total # on Team - 40

As a consultant I made $486.98, but because I chose Leadership my paycheck was $1144.29. This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you the BENEFITS of Leadership!

More Benefits of Leadership

- Sense of Accomplishment

-Personal Growth

- Opportunities to earn extra income & bonuses

- Part of companies Elite Group

-Opportunity to attend special leader events; leadership retreats, directors day at conference, Leaders banquet at conference, Leadership Incentive Trip (Riveria Maya)

-Receive information before the rest of the field

-Opportunity to help others be successful


- and many more!

Work smarter and not Harder. Offer the Opportunity to Everyone!

Check out the Career Path on (tot)

A note from your director....

Matthew 7:7-8 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

This is the verse I was reading this morning in my devotionals. It's such a simple concept, just ask you will receive. It applies so much to not just our 31 life, but our everyday lives as well. It's not saying to ask for a million dollars to show up in your bank account, but ask for guidance. Seek the answer, knock on doors (or make phone calls) and opportunities will open. Put your faith in Jesus, He has the best answer for you. It may not be what you think and it may not come as quickly as you hope, but when it does happen it will be awesome!

Keep working hard, keep your goals in front of you & keep the faith!

Love you girls!

Jill Holcomb

Ready, Set, SELL Earners!

$500 Kit

Chantell Ridgeway

Nikki Winsor

Michelle Nelson

Sabrina Heim

Stephanie Zarzeczny

Wendy Hildebran

$1000 Kit

Misty Hovis

Michelle Holcomb

Jill Holcomb

Congratulations Wendy Hildebran on earning Level 4 Startswell!! woooohooooo!!

Snowball Fight!!!

Bringing in spring is snow much fun!
It’s time for our teams to get moving and building momentum in 2014. What better way to do so than to enjoy some time playing in the “snow”?
Every time you book a party, post a snowflake on Facebook!
With all those flakes falling, a snowball fight is bound to happen – post a stockpile of snowballs the first time you submit sales in January, and another for each party you enter. But wait, we know when we’re out there playing, others are going to want to play with us – post a snowman (snowm’am) for each recruit you bring on board in January.
All this winter action showing up on Facebook is going to get people wondering what this weather event is all about. That will help us build momentum as people see that Thirty-One is “snow much fun!”
Tips to get the flakes falling:
• Follow up – Contact anyone who purchased gifts from you in November and December to see how the recipients loved them, and then let them know there’s a new Catalog.
• Share the Spring Catalog with all your top Hostesses and Customers!
• January is the time to get organized! Help a Hostess organize a space in her house and let her earn the products to do it for free. Use your kit to stage the space, and have her friends come see it during a party … that’ll help her earn everything she needs for FREE!
• Thirty-One has given us all the tools we need to get those flakes falling – great organizing layouts in the catalog, a phenomenal Customer Special AND Double Hostess Credit!
Send those snowballs flying!
• Gather some outside orders so YOU can take advantage of the Double Hostess Credit and start knocking off those spring items on your wish list!
• Let’s all challenge each other to have a party of our own and organize our own homes this January!
Building your snowm’am:
• January brings in the chills … and the bills – but we have the solution! Be on the lookout for cues and signs that show someone could benefit from our opportunity, then invite them to be a part of the winter fun with Thirty-One.
• Think warm thoughts – what better way to thaw than thinking of the Riviera Maya – earning the 2014 Leadership Incentive Trip is a possibility for everyone who becomes a leader!
Challenge yourself to reach out to five people a day,
and you’ll be sure to join in the fun of winter play!

Register for your Celebrate & Connect Meeting (Feb. 1-8th) Late Registration January 13th-21st ($5)

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What step are you taking today to move your business forward?

Happy Birthday!!! This songs for you!

Chantell Ridgeway 1/11

Sabrina Heim 1/14

Nikki Winsor 1/16

Erin Francisco 2/19

Brenda Nelson 2/19

Billie Jo Morell 2/26


Save The Date

National Conference is July 23-25th in Columbus, Ohio!!
This is an AWESOME opportunity to see just exactly what you are really apart of!! You can earn this trip for FREE with the Conference Bucks Program (see for details)

Don't be paralyzed by your MOTIVATED by your future!!

Consultant Spotlight

Melissa Atkins

Hi, my name is Melissa Atkins. I have been together with my husband Rick for 18 years, married for 13, and we have 4 children! I have been with Thirty-One since March 2013. I got involved primarily as a hobby because I love the products and this enables me to share all the awesome products with others! Plus, I get to earn money to buy them for myself without cutting into our family budget.

My favorite products are the Organizing Utility & Large Utility Totes. They are both so useful and versatile everywhere in the house or on the go.

For the new girls getting started, don't ever get discouraged and give up. The opportunities to grow and succeed are endless!

The real measure of me is not what I can be in comparison to others, but what I can DO compared to my own best self.