20% Semester One Closing Activity

BY: Tasya Fluharty

What impact can my project have on me and others?

My 20% project that I am currently working on right now can have a lot of impact on others by showing them how texting and driving behind the wheel can be very dangerous and can hurt a lot of people especially teenagers and if you drink and drive under the age of 21 years old can really hurt a lot of people including high school students, young teenagers, and also other young people that are less than twenty-one years old.

Description of factual information I have learned about my project...

One thing I learned about my topic is that texting makes a crash up to 23 times more likely. Another thing I learned is that a lot of teens who text while driving spend 10% of the time outside of their lane. Another fact that I learned is that they made a rule for drinking to the age of 21 years old because this law continues to prevent these tratagies from happening and it decreases crashes by 16% and keeping a lot of young teens and people safer from many risks like car crashes and other terrible risks.

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Why did I choose to do this project?

I did this project for many reasons. I did this project because I want the students that go to the Prior Lake High School be aware and caution them how to be safe on the roads because they shouldn't be texting and driving and also drinking and driving under the influence of 21 years because there are a lot of young students that have a lot of cell phones and that have their lisences and that know how to drive and also go to parties and get a lot into trouble so I want to help them out and warn them about many dangerous things that can happen to them if they do go into these type of situations.

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What are your few challenges that I faced during the first portion of my project?

Some challenges that I faced during my first portion of my project is that I couldn't get a lot of my weekly journals done because I was too much focused getting my information from the websites that I learned and got about my awesome project. Another challenge that I faced was finding actual information about my project that's reliable and good information for teenagers.

What am I planning to do with my project and moving forward and what do I hope to accomplish by May?

I am planning to make a website for young teens that go to schools and that are in high school mostly to caution them ho to be safe on the roads if they are texting and driving or get in dangerous situations in their life and I want to help them out and make them feel safe if they get into trouble or something goes wrong.
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