Julius Caesar Soundtrack Project

Jace Breedlove, Will Howard, Nora Balli, Reagan Rouble

SORRY - Justin Bieber (Lyric Video)

Song #1- Sorry by Justin Bieber (Jace Breedlove)

  • Big Idea- Brutus understands that killing Caesar has backfired on him and he may very well lose the war. Brutus now wishes that he could take back his actions, or at least let Caesar rest in peace knowing that his death has been avenged.

Response Analysis: Brutus realizes that Caesar’s ghost is a bad omen. In Act 5 scene 5 Brutus says "The ghost of Caesar hath appeared to me… I know my hour is come.” With the war tipping in favor of Antony and his allies, Brutus is beginning to realize that losing the war is inevitable. Brutus’ last words in Act V Scene V are “Caesar now be still. I killed thee with half so good a will.” This can be interpreted to mean that Brutus was more willing to kill himself than Caesar. In Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” he says “Yeah I know oh that I let you down, Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?” Brutus’ way of saying sorry or showing his regret was by killing himself. He realizes that it is too late to apologize, but the next best thing he could do to show respect to Caesar was to kill himself and thus avenge Caesar’s death. Also in the song “Sorry,” Justin Bieber says “But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two.” This relates to Brutus’ response in that while Brutus is essentially saying sorry to Caesar, he doesn't ever say that Caesar is without fault. Caesar’s ambition was a problem that Brutus recognized, and he believed he had to act on behalf of Rome. Brutus just couldn't foresee the consequence of his actions.

Christoph Schaedlich

Treat Your Woman Right by Christoph Schaedlich

Song #2- Treat Your Women Right by Soko (cover song) (Reagan Rouble)

  • Big Idea- Portia is mad at Brutus for excluding her and avoiding her. She decides to talk to him about this because it is starting to annoy her and she feels he is losing the love he used to have for her.

Act 2 Scene 1- The song Treat Your Woman Right relates to the scene where Portia is begging Brutus to stay and tell her all of his woes. She is saying he is gone so much and they never take and that they are growing apart and she doesn't want that to lose him. In the play she says “... gave sign for me to leave you. So I did, fearing to impatience…” which is saying even though she loves him, she doesn’t want to overstep or leave him, but he is pushing her away. In Treat Your Woman Right by Soko, the lyrics say “Every word that come from your mouth is just another sign for me to let it go, but it takes so long and I’m not so strong.” Both of these examples are them loving their significant other, but being pushed away and they go, but they don’t want to. Another example is how in the song it says, “You’re getting stuck in your quest for fame.” Even though Portia doesn’t say this to Brutus, it is true because that is what is actually going on. Brutus is too blinded by this plan that he doesn’t spend time with the one he says he loves. Even the title of the song relates to what is going on because Portia is begging to treat her right and if he doesn’t he is going to lose her.


Battlefield - Jordin Sparks (Remix) by belllagioia

Song 3: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks (Nora Balli)

When Brutus is mourning the death of Cassius and he still has to go out and fight. Scene 3 Act 5

Big idea- Having to soldier on even though tragedy has occurred in your life and you don’t want to continue. In this case Brutus is dealing with loss with a friend whom he loved where as the song talks about losing a lover.

Explanation- In the song “Battlefield” Jordin talks about how she is put in difficult situation and without her friend/lover she is unsure if she’ll make it through. For example the lyrics “My world is nothing when you’re gone, I’m out here without a shield.” which talks about how vulnerable she during this time of grief. In the scene where Brutus finds Cassius’ dead body he is shocked but then has to fight in a major battle “Friends , I owe more tears to this dead man than you will see me shed. I will find time to cry for you…” Both of the authors show remorse of how they never resolved their past fights. This consequently leads to more grief because there were so many things they wanted to say. Finally there are no victories in the war that the singer or Brutus face because in the end they have lost the ones they love whether it’s friends or partners no matter what they gain on the battlefield. The overall lesson from both Julius Caesar and the song Battlefield is that no matter what you gain in a war it is not worth losing the ones you love.

Work This Out - High School Musical 2. "HD"

Will Howard - Work it out - High School Musical - Act IV Scene III

  • Big Idea: Brutus and Cassius have to "work out" their differences to remain in power

Cassius and Brutus get cross ways with each other and they must “work, work, if work it out”, so that they can finally take over Rome and defeat Antony. Brutus has heard that Cassius has been accepting bribes. They eventually figure out “if we work, work, work, There’ll be no doubt, we can still have this summer(power), if we work it out. Brutus and Cassius remember that they need each other in order to stay in power and defeat Antony and Octavian. Both the song and this scene in are about the main characters realizing they need to work through their problems and their difficulties in order to maintain control over Rome. “We can work this out!” Brutus and Cassius both realize they are being immature and remind each other that “We’re a champion team, a well-oiled machine”. They defeated Caesar, and are doing what is best for Rome. They worked through their problems and "worked out" their differences to continue to rule Rome. The scene in the movie and the scene in the play are very similar in that they go from freaking out over their problems to pulling together and working through them. Cassius and Brutus were at each other's throats, but the situation was quickly diffused when they remembered "we've go it made".