By Walter Dean Myers

"I'll call it what the prosecution lady called me: Monster"

Steve Harmon is generally a good guy, but he doesn't live in the best part of the city. Now he's being blamed for a crime that he did not commit and everything seems to be going wrong. As if jail wasn't bad enough Steve now has to struggle with staying as himself and becoming believable in the eyes of the jury. Will Steve be deemed innocent? Or will he become a monster in the eyes of the court?

"I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place."

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Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers is a well known author of children's and young adult books. He has written over fifty books, including Monster and We Are America.

Monster is the tale of Steve Harmon and his struggle with the law and himself. It features Steve's journal and a movie script he wrote during his time on trial. Steve struggles with remaining good and honest and doing the right thing, as many of us some days do.

Statistics show that young black males make up the leading percentage in prison, watch as one of them defies that. Be one of the first to read this thrilling novel and watch the truth come out in Monster!

Interview with Walter Dean Myers
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