Wang Dan

Conflict Cube

Basic Information

Wang Dan was born on February 26, 1969. He was born in China and graduated from Beijing No. 41 Middle School. Interesting facts about him are him and his father (Wang Xianzeng) both graduated from Peking University. His father was a professor of geology at Peking University. His mother (Wang Lingyun) worked as a museum historian. Wang Dan lead over 1000 students. He is 45 years old (as of September 2014)

Micro and Macro Conflicts

He lacks health insurance in the United States and he has symptoms of a brain tumor this is negative because he needs to go to the doctor but he can't do it without insurance unless he wanted to pay a lot of extra money. Wang asked the government to help him enter the country without the needed permit he needed to enter to go to the doctor and he couldn't. The immigration agency rejected his request for his exception to re-enter back into Taiwan it took forever to get the permit and he needed it soon or an exception.

Introducing the Owl Shark

I believe that Wang is an owl and a shark. I think he is an owl because he believes that the conflict should be solved. I think he is a shark because he works hard to get what he wants and try to get an exception.


He had to lead over 1000 college students in the heat to get what he wanted for the strike.