Uproars in the Atlantic

Fisheries Depletion Causes Madness by the Atlantic Ocean

Where does this occur mainly?

Overfishing is one of the major causes of oceanic problems in the U.S. People are overpopulating the oceans with these aquatic animals. One of the main places that this tragedy is occurring is in around the Atlantic Ocean. The fish hatcheries are depleting because they cannot keep these fish in safety. Three main places are in the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and New England. In the Mid-Atlantic, butterfish are being dropped from the local fisheries and into unsafe waters in the oceans. In the South Atlantic, there is shrimp and groupers going into the water where there could be many predators. Then in New England, cod and flounder are being dropped into the saltwater death-traps known as oceans. There is no wonder how we don't support the populations of other species.

Why people do this

There is absolutely no reason for this. It may be part of their schedule to get things done, but their reasoning is just 100% senseless. There is always a way of doing things whether or not they are good or bad. We cannot do this to these fish. They will not be safe in unfamiliar conditions. We need to stop this from happening again.