Kathleen Hanna



Kathleen Hanna was born November 12 1968 (Portland, Oregon, U.S). She is American and originated in Olympia, Washington, U.S. She has a successful career as a musician, an feminist activist, and a punk zine writer. Hanna went to the Evergreen State College located in Olympia, Washington, U.S

A documentary film about Hanna was released in 2013 by director Sini Anderson, titled The Punk Singer, detailing Hanna's life and career, as well as revealing her years-long battle with Lyme disease.


-I am not going to have anymore 'fat days'

-I will not be dictated to by patriarchal media bullsh*t which tells me I'm not good enough.

-I will wear what I like, eat what I like, f*ck who I like, and identify however I want


Hanna is best known for her music, Bikini Kill (1990-1998), Le Tigre (Since 1998), The Julie Ruin (Since 2010). Her genres are: Punk Rock, Riot Grrrl, Indie Rock, and Electrocrash. Hanna received a film credit called "The Punk Singer". She has also gotten married to Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) in 2006. Hanna writes Punk Zine, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_zine A punk zine (or punkzine) is a zine related to the punk subculture and hardcore punk music genre. Often primitively or casually produced, they feature punk literature, such as social commentary, punk poetry, news, gossip, music reviews and articles about punk rock bands or regional punk scenes.

Critiquing Social Issues

According to http://www.huckmagazine.com/art-and-culture/music-2/kathleen-hanna/

Hanna became the face of a new female identity, writing sl*t on her stomach, and screaming like a bratty GG Allin. She called girls to the stage and blacked out press when they began to twist her words. When her band, Bikini Kill went belly-up she showed a vulnerable side to herself through solo project Julie Ruin and continued to pouch herself forward.


Hanna is a blogger, if you are more interested about her, visit http://www.kathleenhanna.com/