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Nurse Practitioner

A Day in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner

Interveiwer: Ama Ambaah

Interview with: Adjoa D. Ofori-Abebresse


Healthcare Profession: Nurse Practitioner

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Interviewing Mrs. Adjoa D. Ofori-Abebresse

How long have you been a registered nurse?

" I've been working as an RN for ten years."

What training did you need in order to be successful?

"You'd have to take a general science test, social science test, critical nursing course, it's usually four year program. But I got my associates degree in an applied science course, then I took an RN to BSN course at a four year college. This course was for individuals practicing as nurses who are practicing wit just an associates degree."

What school did you go to in order to earn your degree?

"I went to Bronx Community college to get my associate's degree and then I went to Texas Woman's to get my Bachelor's.

Can I do this out of high school? school?

"You can not do this straight out of high school. You do need to go to college and earn a degree."

How did you first get involved with this career?

"I knew that I like to help people and a way that I can put it into practical sense is through nursing. It's satisfying to know that you can help somebody."

Are there opportunities for advancement?

"Well you could continue your education at a Master's level and become a nurse practitioner. And also you could become a clinical nurse leader or nurse consultant. there is also the fact that we have to keep our status current by renewing our license's like every year."

How much vacation time do you get a year?

"Depending on the company and state, paid time off is based on the number of hours that you work. like lets say I work 72 hours that would equal about 7.6 hours of vacation time a month. And if a union is involved then the rules may vary.

What is the job outlook for this profession?

"Very good because of the new health care law, it's in favor of the advanced practiced nurse because doctors are being reimbursed less so they need the extra help."

Do you see yourself continuing this career ten years from now?

"Yes, but in another capacity. now I'm I am doing bedside nursing with chronic acute issues. I would see myself as a nurse practitioner.

Would you recommend this career to others?

"Oh yes, of course."