End the Health Care Tax

Tax Payers Should not Pay for the Non Tax Payers

Taxes for Healthcare are Unfair!!!

Working people have to pay something called a health care tax. Money is taken out of their paychecks and given to the government. People who DO NOT have jobs, still nedd health care. So the government takes the money out of the working people's paychecks. So working people have to give their hard-earned money to the people who do not work.

Workers Should NOT Pay for Non-Workers

STOP the Tax!

People work hard for their money, and should not have to pay money, in taxes, to those who are not working. We need to put an end to this unreasonable tax! In 2013, there will be 5 new taxes coming in the healthcare world. If we don't put a stop to this, we will be baying an estimated 24 billion dollars for it this year.

Join the End to the Healthcare Tax

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