2022 AP Exam Updates

UPDATED: October 5, 2021

AP Exam Registration Requires Two Separate Steps

AVHS encourages all students enrolled in an AP course in 2021-22 to take the associated AP Exam in May 2022. AP Exam registration is a two-step process and is now underway. It is the responsibility of the student and family to complete BOTH pieces of the registration process (AP Classroom and MyPaymentsPlus) no later than November 5. AVHS will not order an AP Exam for any student missing one or both of these steps after November 5.

Step 1: Set up a College Board Account and register in AP Classroom

Students must set up a College Board account if they have not done so already. Students create an account at www.collegeboard.org. For many students, their AP teacher has or will complete this step in class. AVHS AP teachers have worked with their classes to set up a unique “Join Code” that connects students to resources through the student’s College Board account. Once a student connects to AP Classroom, the default setting is to order the student an exam. Students can change their exam ordering preference via AP Classroom.

Step 2: Log in to MyPaymentsPlus and pay for exams

The cost of AP Exams in District 196 is $80 per exam, with a reduced price of $34 per exam for students enrolled in the District 196 Educational Benefits Program. See the QR code at the end of this letter if you would like to apply for this program.

The College Board and the State of Minnesota provide funding that reduces the cost per exam for students enrolled in Educational Benefits. MyPaymentsPlus automatically reduces the price when students in the Educational Benefits Program register for an exam. The district sets exam costs after considering many factors, including the College Board’s set exam price ($94 per exam), a subsidy from the State of Minnesota, and expenses associated with administering AP Exams.

The deadline for AVHS AP Exam payment on MyPaymentsPlus is Friday, November 5. This deadline gives AVHS a week to reconcile registration information before the College Board’s order deadline of November 15. MyPaymentsPlus is now available for AP Exam payments. Please go to MyPaymentsPlus and select “School & Academics” and “High School Assessments & Testing” to locate the AVHS AP Exams. AVHS only offers the exams listed on MyPaymentsPlus.

Late Fees, Cancellation Fees, and Other Important Information

Per College Board policy, any families wishing to order an exam after November 15, 2021, will incur a $40 late fee in addition to the $80 exam fee. Additionally, the College Board charges $40 for exams canceled after November 15; students canceling an exam registration after that date will be responsible for this $40 and will only receive a partial refund as a result.

AVHS will administer AP Exams from May 2 through 13, 2022. You can find the College Board’s Exam Schedule at the link below. Please plan accordingly to avoid any conflicts as these exam dates are not flexible.

By performing well on the AP Exam, students may be able to earn college credit. Earning college credit depends on the AP Exam score and specific college AP policies and varies by institution.

For more information about AP Exams, please contact:

Bill Blatzheim
Arts & Activities Director | Testing Coordinator
Apple Valley High School
(952) 431-8202