Come to Pennsylvania

All Western European Settlers Welcome!

Why Move Here?

William Penn

Under the rule of William Penn men are guaranteed 50 arches of land and the right to vote. The government is a representative assembly and consisted of freedom of religion. The Quakers are people who believe Gods light live in everyone and do not like war, they live and are a lasting symbol of love and kindness which is why the capital is the ¨City of Brotherly Love.¨ Making it a good place to live because of the kindness and diversity allowed under the freedom of religion.


Here everyone is kind to one another and if people were approached in friendship they would respond in friendship therefore we are friends with tribes here. To ensure the kind relationships are kept in place we trade with natives giving us more goods plus any differences among people are settled in court. Meaning that there is no war between the Natives and us here so people who come and are kind to others will receive kindness back.

The Colony

Pennsylvania has gained many farmers, builders and traders which contributes to the expansion and rising success but in order for us to continue to thrive we need more settlers. There is much land for farming, growing goods and living and many opportunities to trade with Natives leading to more diverse goods keeping people happy and living. Take it from the colonists here it is a great place to live because of the rising success of trade, the excess of goods by trade, the land you could own and the kindness of the people you are associated with.