Michael Gauthier

English Portfolio

6 Word Memoirs

Falcons are better than the 49ers.

Pizza Hut has great tasting pizza.

It is 11:22 AM right now.

Actors/Actresses for 1984 by George Orwell

Winston Smith - Johnny Depp

O'Brien - Jake Gyllenhaal

Julia - Emma Watson

Emmanuel Goldstein - Harrison Ford (with a prop goatee)

Utopian Society: 10 Rules

1. Whomever lives in this new society, will have to pay the Society Tax. This tax is just a payment of $2,500 dollars a year from each resident to pay for the government funded water supply, electricity supply, food supply, free health care, and more.

2. All residents are given an extra billion dollars to start their new lives off.

3. Everybody is given a free house every 2 years, and old houses are able to be sold, the profit made from that house can be a part of anything, not the new house.

4. If a person loses all of their money, they will instantly be moved to the nearest hotel, and given 5 million dollars. All bank accounts and receipts will be checked insure that it is hat the situation it is, in fact, not fraud.

5. If a person is injured here, they will be put in the best possible hospital for their condition to make sure they get better as fast as they can. The costs will be handled by the government, nothing from the person's pocket. The situation will be under investigation to prove that it is, in fact, not fraud.

6. There are no rules forcing people into jobs, everyone can choose their own occupation. There are no rules taking away anyone's freedom.

7. All food is free at government funded markets, but the food is to be payed for at restaurants, private markets and, fast food places.

8. All electricity and running water is fully funded by the government, no bills will be charged to the residents, however all electricity and water will be funded by the Society Tax.

9. Any crime committed will automatically have the convict removed from the society, back from where they came from. This is a rule to insure everybody's safety in this society.

10. If a person doesn't like sports, they are immediately removed from the society and will never be able to access anything from this society.