October News from Room 229

A newsletter written by the students in 4Sp

Welcome to Our October Newsletter

The students in Room 229 have been hard at work this month. We worked together to give you a summary of the most important things we've studied this month. We hope you enjoy our newsletter!


Number Talks

In math we have been doing number talks. Number talks are when Mrs. Sprang writes a problem on the board and we have to find different ways to solve it. For example 50+22=72 a couple ways to solve it is 50+20+2=72 that is called expanded form there is also near doubles, and counting up and breaking it down.


There are many things that we learned in math. One of the things we really worked on was to be able to round to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, and hundred thousands.

To help us get better at math we use fast math for everything like rounding she will say a number and we solve it on our slates as fast as we can no one else can look at it.

--CeCe and Reagan (AKA math lovers)


We have learned a lot about estimating in 1st quarter. We learned that we can estimate sums and differences through the thousands to make sure sure our answers are reasonable and make sense. We also learned that the larger the number, the farther the away answer is. Some activities we did were: ballpark estimating; and we also did: Ballpark, Traditional, and Place value sheet. A video our class watched for estimation is the We Will Round You song. Some evidence that we and other students are learning is the fact that our notebooks are filling with notes, and our brains filling with new knowledge.

-Isaac and Dylan

Rounding Numbers

One thing we learned in math was rounding. In rounding we learned "jerk face" rounding. Jerk face rounding is when you find your place then you look next door and if its five or greater you add one more all digits in the front stay the same all the digits behind zero's your name. It is called "jerk face" rounding because every number after the place value being rounded is a "LOSER" or a "ZERO". We know that it is not nice to call someone a loser, so that is why it is "jerk face" rounding. Another type of rounding is front end estimation. Front end estimation is when you take the first number and you round it to the nearest place value. We also use number lines with rounding. With number lines we can round up to the nearest million. We think rounding is easy.

-Mia and Marina

Fact Power

This quarter in math one of the things we are learning about is fact power.Almost every day we have a new entry in our math journal like 'I can illustrate and explain facts using equations,arrays,and area' .'And I can identify factor pairs for whole numbers.'We learned about an giant 'F' that helps us find factors for each number.That is just the beginning for fact power. We use factor ninjas to help us chop up numbers to find the factors. We also use multiple monsters. Multiple monsters help us make numbers bigger. To find multiples, we skip count or multiply by each counting number,

P.S. look at our giant F.


We Will Round You

Language Arts


We are working on summaries in reading. Our learning goals are to make a detailed summary for our read-aloud books. We also did some activities like contests for the best summary and the winning group gets to write it on our summary paper. After each chapter, we write a 6 second summary that has the main characters, the setting (time and place), and the main event. We read the read-aloud books Trapped in Death Cave and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We are learning because on the summary paper each one is better than the one before.



We have been working hard to describe characters, settings, and events in stories and dramas based on specific details. Students have worked together to outline the major events of plots including the beginning, problem, climax, solution, and ending of stories. We have practiced many different graphic organizers with a variety of stories.


In writing we are writing a personal narrative. It is a story that happened to us in real life. First, we drew pictures for the beginning, middle, and end. Then, we wrote a lead. A lead is the beginning of a story and it makes the reader want to read on. After that, we put our story into a graphic organizer and added the five senses. Then, we added dialogue. And finally, we typed it. Our study of plot helped us when writing our stories. We thought about the beginning, the middle (the climax), and the end.

-Ethan & Ella

We will be talking to you about the star of the week.The star of the week is where you talk and tell your classmates about you.The way we pick the star of the week is we have this website on Mrs .Sprang laptop with all the students name and she presses a spinner button for five seconds and it ends on a name and Mrs Sprang gives the person a week to finish. Each star makes a PowerPoint that includes information about themselves, a critics corner, an adventure they have had, a story about their hero, and things they like to do. The star of the week is also Mrs. Sprang's classroom helper. That person gets to take down notes, get lunch bins, and do classroom jobs.

-Greta and Makenzie



In Science we talked about Fossils. Some class goals were how long it took for a fossil to fossilize (10,000 years). One life skill we focused on was active listening another one is cooperation. How we practiced cooperation was we worked in groups for almost anything. Mrs.Rise asked us a lot after reading to check our active listening.

-Carson & Josh

In the first quarter we went on a field trip to Green Acres. Our class went to learn and study about fossils. We went to the creek and looked and collected fossils. Then we created a mold of a fossil. We also looked at a time line that showed the cycle of the earth.That included: when life started,and when the dinosaurs lived on earth and when they were extinct. We learned a lot about fossils, and hope to go back to Green Acres again!

-Joseph & Maddie


Updates in Specials Classes

On Monday we have gym and music. We warm up then play a game. We always get faster and stronger. In music we are learning the singing and speaking parts to our 4th Grade musical. We also watched a video called STOMP Out Loud. On Tuesday we have art some people are finishing their Mona Lisa paintings and others are painting their veggie or fruit clay sculptures. On Wednesday we have Spanish and technology. In Spanish we learn new words and do plays including them. In technology people are working on their "All About Me" power points. On Thursday we have gym and music again. On Friday we have Spanish and library. In Library we we learn about authors and books. Then we check out books and return them the next week.

-Eva & Rylee

4th Grade Musical

This year’s 4th Grade Musical for ALL 4th Graders is called “A Kid’s Life” and is scheduled for

  • Cast A: Adkins, Ignatz, Rise: Wednesday, November 20th at 7:00PM in the ES Gym*
  • Cast B: Martin, Sprang, Vaughan: Thursday, November 21st at 7:00PM in the ES Gym*

*There will be a daytime performance for the school population, if a family member is unable to attend the evening production. Times TBA.

“A Kid’s Life ” is written by John Jacobson and Mac Huff and published by Hal Leonard. It is a rollicking musical about the joys and challenges of being a kid in today’s high-tech world.

Upcoming Events

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are held this week on Thursday and Friday. If you have not had a chance to sign up online, don't forget to do so! https://www.pickatime.com/schedule.jsp?ven=11600720
  • 4th Grade Musical will be held on Thursday, November 21st at 7:00 PM
  • Scholastic Book Orders can be placed this month by visiting www.scholastic.com/readingclub
  • Class Activation Code: H72BQ
  • No School November 27-November 29 for Thanksgiving Break

Supply Request

We are working on everyone having the supplies they need for learning! Please make sure your child has pencils, colored pencils, scissors, and glue!

Our classroom is in need of the following supplies. If you are willing to donate them, we would appreciate it!

  • Clorox Wipes
  • Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags
  • Snack Size Ziploc Bags