Baker's Bulletin

October 25, 2013

This week....

The highlight of this week was our visit to the high school. It was so fun to watch the high schoolers (I recognized a couple of former CCE students) being so sweet as they explained the bone experiments to my firsties. We finished the week with a fun science SPIN; the kids rotated to each of the 4 first grade rooms to explore 4 different topics: plants, magnets, food chains and motion and forces.

A peek at next week...

Scarecrow Fun!

Language Arts:

TILES-long i with consonants and blends, The Resonators (m, n, ng), short u and long u with silent e, The Breathy Brothers (h, w, wh) Introduction to compound words, Scarecrow themed activities

Math: Pumpkin math (weighing, measuring, comparing), Halloween candy math (sorting, graphing)

Science: Bats

Contact Info.

E-mail is the best way to communicate with me. If your child's going home plans change during the school day, please contact the office, so they can let me know. Thank you.