Book clup thing By: Trey Barnes

Education for Jaren's Outpost

Jaren's Outpost has 1 school. That school is responsible for teaching the ages of 7-14 years of age 'cause of the required 16 years= a job rule. Anyone younger than that has to help around. The school also offers advanced courses. Children are required to take at 1 advanced course to aid job choice.

The Teachers

People who teach at the school, are Former, retired, or currently in training Teachers. They teach what they can. The Teachers get paid 2 days of rations for every day of work. Teachers Teach, Math, Science, Laungage Arts, Before and After the apacalypse, And History.

Mr.Adams , And Mrs. Brooks

You will learn

Ages will learn

7-10 Will learn basic to moderate stuff

11-14 Moderate to advanced stuff

There Monday-Friday, 8:45-4:30

Zombie apocalypse music mix