Anthony Farish

Ceramics 1


Sleeping With Sirens - Iris by letmekissyouinsideout


A man, who has his hands placed behind his back. Looking facedown towards the ground. The artist uses shape, form, he used rhythm so the eyes would flow through the piece fully, from head to toe. It's like the piece "The Thinking Man," he appears to be on thought, and is avoiding eye contact. The piece almost presents a depressing feeling, from the man he looks alone, most thinkning is done alone. This piece of work is very well done, it's a very successful piece. The artist is attempting to tell people that thinking before acting can be great.

"John Deweese Pottery"

I cannot tell what the piece is suppose to be. A basket with a handle that is very curvy, wrapping from side to side. Form is a big apparent principle/element. The handle of the basket is has gaps and indentions in it. I don't feel any emotion when I look at the piece, it may just be for looks. I don't think the piece was very successful because I cannot tell what the piece is suppose to be.

Huge Bowl

I created this project to get a grade for the "Coil Project." At first, it was very difficult for me to create coils, long lengths of clay. I had to create my own way of making coils, I had to use my wrists more and even out the pressure I was putting on the clay. I shaved the lpi too much, I would have gone back and been more careful of thickness.

Vans Coffee Mug

I created this project using slab technique. I used a stencil to get a bottom for the cup, then one for the actual walls of the cup. I "slipped and scored" the two together. It was very difficult getting the handle to stay on the mug. At one point the mug was dryer than the handle and I had to rehydrate the mug so I could place the handle on it. If I could change anything on my cup, it'd probably would be the walls' shape. I would make them more flat and no curve ins. Just because I don't think it looks all that good like that.