Beowulf Project

Alvaro Pilco Fuertes

Examples of Kenning

His misery leaped-it does it mean he started to be in the misery start over about what he has.

Hellish frend-grend started in one frend what we can not go out of it.

Examples of Alliteration

In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient. -This example you can see how it use the p and d in repetitions in each line of the first parragraph of the book.You can see the Alliteration in this example on the words/expression "in the darkness" and "in pain", they have the same pronunciation and they start with the same prefix.Same letters

And wild,Herot trembled,wonderfully

Built to withstand the blows, the struggling-It represent in twice sentece, you can see the repetition of the w on the words wild and withstand.In this example you can see the Alliteration on that words they have similar pronunciation and twice start with the same letter.

Examples of Caesura

Hills and bogs,bearing God's hatred

Grendel came,hoping to kill- Here is a example of Caesura, you can see it in the pauses what it have in each sentence on the middle with commas.

On the Danes,keeping the bloody feud

Alive,seeking no peace, offering- It has three commas, it does it mean a three pauses and a pause is a caesura, there are three examples of it in this two sentence. The author used it for pause the lecture.

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Story of Beowulf