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McCord Messenger November 14, 2022 - November 18, 2022

Middle School Learner Profile

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PACK Behavior Expectations

We wanted to review our PACK expectations for students now that we are well into the second quarter of the school year. Our students have done a great job but it is always good to keep our expectations front and center. We expect students to display these traits in all areas of our building, on the athletic fields, courts and mats and most importantly in the community and at home. Our assist teachers will be reviewing these with our students prior to holiday break. It would be great if you (parents) can review these with your student at home.

P - practice respect

A - act responsibly

C - choose to be involved

K - kindness to others

Worthington Dyslexia Workshop

Worthington Schools is hosting a parent workshop on dyslexia on December 6th at the Worthington Education Center. More information and specifics can be found in the flyer below.

Dyslexia Workshop

WKHS Semester Exam Schedule

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WKHS will follow the attached 1st Semester Exam Schedule on December 19, 20 and 21. Please note that different from past years, there will be no midday departure of buses on December 21. Buses will depart at the regular time of 3:20-3:25 for those who have no way to leave after the last exam ends. Lunch will be served that day.

Please Claim Your Stuff From Lost & Found

Please come and claim your stuff from our lost & found area. We are running out of room to display the lost items. We will be donating any unclaimed stuff very soon. See pictures below to help identify and items.

Have your student check for any stuff they are missing:

  • water bottles
  • lunch boxes
  • clothing, clothing, clothing
  • school materials

Cell Phone Reminder

Cell phones have become a major distraction to the learning process in recent years. In order to make sure students and staff can focus their time and energies on the important learning happening in the building, we are requiring students who bring their cell phones to school to keep them in their lockers during the school day.

We will use the following protocol for students who have cell phones out during school hours.
  • First time: Staff warning and reminder to go put in locker.
  • Second time: Teacher will call home and with possible teacher given consequence.
  • Third time: Office referral with potential consequence as well as student/family being asked to either leave cell phone at home or drop it off at the office each morning for a collaboratively determined length of time. The office has a locked cell phone box to store phones in for security.
  • Fourth or more: Student will be required to leave their phone at home or in the office for the remainder of the quarter.

Families who have unique circumstances that may impact this should reach out to the Principal or Assistant Principal to set up a meeting and plan for your student's cell phone at school.