February Newsletter 2022

Valley View Elementary School

From Principal Kuhlman

Dear Families,

I cannot believe it’s February already! We are halfway through the year. It’s finally starting to seem like a normal year. Our COVID numbers are beginning to plateau and even drop. All of our classrooms are back in person and the number of students on quarantine is decreasing. We are continuing to be as diligent as ever in preventing, monitoring and supporting parents around COVID. I can honestly say we could not have done this without the support of our students and parents. Thank you for all of your support and understanding!

Even though the number of positive cases are decreasing in school, our community rate remains high. Because of this, we are still hesitant to host large gatherings in the school. We will continue to monitor these numbers as we determine if conferences will be held in person, or via Zoom. A decision will be made in early February and communicated out to parents. Other in-person events will also be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

As we are entering the coldest part of the year, I am seeing more and more congestion in our parent drop-off area. I am including a diagram as to how the flow of traffic needs to happen. When coming into the parking lot, we are asking parents to form two lines. This will help reduce the congestion on 49th. Once you approach the playground area, we are asking parents to merge into one line to pick up their child. DO NOT form two lines in the student pick-up/drop-off area. This is a safety concern, as students are crossing a lane of traffic to enter into vehicles. When you are in the student pick-up lane, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. This will help speed up the process.

Please do not park in the no parking area with the yellow lines. This blocks the flow of traffic of parents who are exiting. Under no circumstances should you park in the pick-up/drop-off lane to go into school. This creates a dangerous situation where others are driving around you. If you want to walk your child into school, you will need to park in the parking lot and go in. It's also imperative you wait your turn and stay in line. I have seen drivers wanting to skip the line to drop their child off directly in front of the sidewalk leading to the school. This creates an extremely dangerous situation, as other parents are being blocked in, and cut off. Please be considerate of your fellow parents.

To help avoid this congestion, you can also park along Monroe and walk up the playground steps to get your children. Another way is to stagger when you pick up your children. We begin our dismissal process at 2:10 with our PreK and Kindergarten students, and finish our dismissal with 5th grade at 2:20. We typically stay outside until 2:30. All students need to be picked up by then. Together we will make this process work, but we need everyone to cooperate and be patient.

If you are looking to enroll a sibling into our PreK or Kindergarten grade levels, please give Ms. Shari a call. We will be hosting individual tours before or after school for families who are interested in attending Valley View. There will be an Open House on February 10th to showcase our classrooms and school. This will be a virtual event open to everyone.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Mr. Kuhlman

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Virtual BINGO Night

Virtual Family BINGO Night is on Thursday, February 3rd! All students will receive a BINGO card from their classroom teacher. Each grade level will have a specific Zoom link for families to join. The links for each grade level are listed below. These will also be shared through Seesaw on Thursday. We hope to see you there!

PreK Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/86581481455

Kindergarten Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/86353402339

1st Grade Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/88610943384

2nd Grade Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/81574262591

3rd Grade Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/87883296459

4th Grade Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/89804258468

5th Grade Zoom Link: https://colheights-k12-mn-us.zoom.us/j/87989779098

*LEAP students will join their respective grade levels

Report Cards

Report cards will be uploaded to ParentVue for families to view next week. We will also be sending out translated versions of the report card to our second language families, if needed. If you need help accessing ParentVue, or would like to request a translated version if you didn’t receive one, please reach out to the main office at 763-528-4201.

ACCESS Testing

In February, students receiving English Language services will be assessed in their English proficiency skills by taking the ACCESS test. The test will measure their skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking English. This test will take place during the school day.


Pre-K was very excited to get back to school after Winter Break! We are working on a clothing study, where we get to experience clothing from around the world. We have done some sewing and other fine motor activities relating to clothing.

Pre-K has also been sledding a couple of times. We love it when we can go outside and burn off a little energy. These really cold days are hard for us to stay inside. We hope to invite our parents to come sledding with us soon! 😊


This month, Valley View Kindergartners have been learning about snow through our read alouds! We walked with Peter in The Snowy Day, practiced positional words with Clancy the dog in Snow On Snow On Snow, and used our imagination in Snowmen At Night! In addition to practicing elements of literature and writing, Kindergartners have been getting creative with snow themed crafts! We love to work on our fine motor skills with cutting and painting projects. It is so fun to see how unique each student’s project turns out!


Hello Families!

This year, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have had the wonderful opportunity to learn and play ukuleles the past couple of months. The ukuleles were given to us as part of a music grant, alongside with other instruments like xylophones, recorders, etc. Our goal with the ukuleles is to be able to sing and play a variety of songs simultaneously. Students have been working very hard and it’s been a huge test of their patience!

In the spring, we are looking at different opportunities to put on concerts and performances. We are looking at having a large concert for all grades and to have families enjoy it outdoors to maintain COVID safety protocols. We will keep families updated as soon as we know more.

Thank you,

Mr. Chao

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PTO Information

Hello everyone!

In an abundance of caution, due to the high number of Covid 19 cases, the PTO has decided to postpone the Spirit Night event at Urban Air in Coon Rapids on February 15. We do not have a new date yet but will be posting it on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow Valley View MN PTO's accounts.

We are working on doing something fun for I Love to Read month in February so stay tuned for details on that, as well.

PTO is looking for volunteers for the Winter Extravaganza on March 10th. We are planning to sell uniforms and help with other booths and activities during the event. Please email valleyviewmnpto@gmail.com to tell us when you are available and any job preferences in tasks.

We are accepting uniform donations of clean, used uniform items (shirts, undershirts, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) in the donation bin in the lobby during business hours. The PTO will sell the items at events like Winter Extravaganza to raise money for things like the teacher coffee cart we did before Winter Break and meals for teachers on school conference nights.

You can drop off trimmed, unexpired physical General Mills Box Tops at the front desk during business hours or use the app to scan receipts to raise money for our organization. Learn more here. Valley View Elementary is also registered on the Coca-Cola Give program. You can enter product codes from products you use to raise money for our school. Find more information about the program here.

Finally, our Reading for Education fundraiser runs all year. Register your child and they get a plush toy. Send emails and get entered to win prizes. Sell items and earn additional prizes. Learn more here.

We hope to see you at our next PTO meeting on February 10 at 6 pm on Zoom. FYI: The March meeting will be a week earlier on March 3rd. It was rescheduled because Winter Extravaganza is March 10.

Thank you for your help in creating a great environment for our children, families, teachers and staff.


Samara Bilyeu-Anderson

PTO President


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