New Beneficiary Fuel Source??

Keeping them plump saves you money at the pump.

Our Plan:

Are you tired of constantly have to pay too high of gas prices at the pump? Do you have LOTS and LOTS of excessive body fat? Well do we have a plan for you! Here at Plumpicoil we have new advanced scientific research that has proven that fat from humans can be used as an efficient source of fuel! This new discovery will be able to fuel our cars as well as planes, trains, toys, cooking devices, and more! Because obese people currently serve no purpose to society due to their size and inability to perform, cutting them open and using their fat as our fuel is great for so many people!

The Benefits:

Benefits of this new discovery include the fact that more people in a wider variety will be able to contribute to the greater good of our society. New jobs will be opened up as well as helping ultimately solve the issue of obesity. People will be needed to slice their fat out and more will be needed to construct factories to convert the fat to power while others will be needed to run such factories. Although it is a very painful process, the fat is proven more efficient than petrol.

Real Fat, REAL Results

This man Matthew Underwood underwent this surgery twice in his life time and ended up providing 13 barrels of patrol! He alone helped fuel multiple cars just by being selfless and giving up himself for the betterment of our economy and although this procedure is just a tad risky, 35% of people still are coming out alive and another 13% of the 35 don't have serious or critical long term damage!!!!