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Check Your Numbers

What you don’t know about your numbers can kill you. Literally.

Coming up in April the district will have its annual biometric screenings. This is free for every district employee regardless of your medical plan. It only takes a few minutes of your time to find out how you are doing. You don’t ignore your car till it breaks down, you check the oil, the air in the tires, etc. You should do the same thing for yourself. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Our screenings will be on Monday April 11th in the Primary Auditorium from 2:00-4:00. This year our screenings are provided by Wegman’s Pharmacy. Look for more information in the weeks ahead for signing up.

Higher dietary fiber intake in young women may reduce breast cancer risk

Greatest apparent benefit seen from fruit and vegetable fiber

Women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables—may have significantly lower breast cancer risk than those who eat less dietary fiber when young, according to a new large-scale study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

What to Believe

We hear about this diet and that diet. This is a superfood and this isn’t. If you listen to the media the science is changing all the time. How do you know what to believe?

The site is lead by Dr. Michael Greger. He and his staff sift through the latest medical studies to give you the straight info. Type in a question and he usually has a short 2-3 minute video explaining the research. Get the facts so you know what is truth and what is fiction. Check out the video below.

Should We Take a Multivitamin?

SAVE THE DATE, Get your Free Biometrics

Monday, April 11th, 2-4pm

Victor Primary Auditorium 953 High St, Victor, NY 14564

This is an opportunity to get your biometrics done free and easy by Wegmans Pharmacy here on campus. More information to follow next week.
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"Right to Run" 5K and 19K Inaugural Run

Saturday, May 7th, 9am

Future site of Women's Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, New York

Proceeds from the run will benefit the National Women’s Hall of Fame as it raises funds to rehabilitate the former Seneca Falls Knitting Mill into its future home, The Center for Great Women.

Long distance running legend, activist and author Kathrine Switzer is the national spokesperson for the run. In 1967 Switzer became the first women to officially run and finish the then all-male Boston Marathon, and won the New York City Marathon in 1974.

I can't think of a better cause to run/walk for teachers.

Kim Gallina at the ECS and Katie Tribula at the Primary have agreed to be point people to get people involved in their building. If you are interested in getting your building involved please contact Doug Schmidt

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Have a Fitbit?

If you have a Fitbit consider joining the online Victor group Victor Central Athletes at the Fitbit community page.

It is Always Better With Friends

Exercise and activity doesn't have to be a lone sport. Working with friends can make the time fly by and help you reach your goals. Friendships help in our overall happiness. Below are some ideas to start with a group of colleagues in your building or in the district.

Empty Nester Outings

These could be anything from a hike in the ADK or wine tastings in the Finger Lakes.

DINK Outings ( Dual Income No Kids) Day hike, camping weekend, Kayaking, etc. You guys can do it all.

SIngle Outings

You could do a paint and wine evening. Fairport has a new place

or how about a spa weekend?

No Kids Allowed

Says it all doesn't it. A night or day out without the little ones.

Out on the Run

I know we have a lot of runners from beginner to expert in the district. Join forces and help each other out.

Kayak and Canoe outings

Soon it will be time to get the paddles out.

Bike it

We have some great trails and paths in the area, or maybe just a day's ride on the canal.

ADK 46er's

For the more adventurous

Start a group and let me know about the happenings.

Being A Healthier Teacher: 3 Ways To Set Limits by Ian Byrd

Become a healthier teacher by setting limits

I asked teachers “How often do you go home feeling like you still have a lot of work to do?” Over 80% replied “every day” or “almost every day.”

80%! That’s terrible.

But here’s the worst part. It doesn’t matter if you work another hour, you’ll still feel like you have a lot of work to do, right?

Contain The Fire

How do firefighters stop a big fire? They don’t try to battle it head on, they dig trenches, clear brush, and chop down trees to corral the flames. Then, the fire just burns itself out.

Too many of us try to battle the fire head on, tackling every task. Instead, focus on setting limits so your work stays at work and the rest of your life can flourish.

1. Say No

In my survey, over 90% of respondents said they take on unwanted, but optional responsibilities at least once a year. 57% said they do this “often” or “all the time.”

You must say no to things you don’t want to (and don’t have to) do. Will people get mad? Maybe. But those people aren’t your friends. Friends don’t pressure and manipulate each other.

Are you scared to say no? I am. Try practicing with a friend. Seriously! Say it out loud and it’ll be much easier to say them in real life: “Sorry, I can’t. I’m just too busy.”

And be clear that you’re saying no. Not “maybe” or “let me get back to you.”

The bonus: once you say “no” a few times, people will stop asking you! I bet you know the teachers on your campus who already figured this out. You know not to ask them to take on additional, unwanted responsibilities because they never do!

This will free you up to excitedly pursue what you actually are interested in.

So set limits by clearly (and politely) saying no. Contain the fire!

2. Wait Until It’s Due

I love Parkinson’s Law. It says:

Give a task more time, and it will grow to fill the time.

Give a task less time, and it will shrink to fit the time.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can suddenly get done when a deadline looms overhead? But when you let it take up evenings, weekends, and mornings, the work magically grows to fill all that time. And you still don’t feel like you finished everything!

You are most efficient with a deadline. Take advantage of this! Set short deadlines and work furiously towards them. Don’t give yourself lots of time to work.

And it works best when the deadline is truly a deadline. I prepped before school, because my deadline was completely inflexible. Once the bell rang, I had to roll with what I had.

Two keys shifts in mindset:

You are not allowed to worry about work unless you’re working on work.

You must let go of perfectionist tendencies. Which brings us to the final point…

3 Settle for Good Enough

I know, you’d never tell your students to do “good enough.” You want their best!

But, the truth is, very few tasks are worth the energy to truly “do your best.” Most can be satisfied with “good enough.”

The key is to identify those very few tasks which will produce the most important results. The Pareto Principal tells us to focus on:

Minimizing the few things that cause the most problems

Maximizing the few things that cause the most success

If you have a dozen things to do, pick the three that will make the largest impact. Let the rest be “good enough.”

And, when working with kids, you’re always going to get the biggest benefits from being caring, healthy, and relaxed.

Thanks Amy Smith-Faczan for the article. To read more from Ian check out his blog

Recipe of the Month

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Sautéed Broccoli and Sliced Almonds

Nothing could be simpler or tastier.

By Doug Schmidt

Prep: 5 mins Cook: 15 mins Yields: Serves 4


1 head of Broccoli cut into bite size pieces

4 garlic cloves chopped


1/2 cup toasted sliced almonds

We toast the sliced almonds till slightly browned in the oven at 350 for about 8-10 minutes


1. In a large sauce pan or frying pan place enough water to steam broccoli.

2. Place broccoli and garlic in the pan and cook on medium high till broccoli is tender.

Stir from time to time. If more water is needed to keep things from burning do so sparingly.

3. When broccoli is tender let water evaporate off of the pan.

4. Remove from pan and toss with salt and sliced almonds and serve.

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