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Culminating Performance Task By: Adam

Sustainable Ecosystems


1. I would choose to live in the Temperate Deciduous Forest. I would include many different plants to allow for food for the primary consumers, the herbivores, such as rabbits and squirrels. The plants I would include are Lichen, Moss and other wild flowers because they are native to the area.

2. I would farm plants like Moss and Lichen. To be more specific, I would also farm plants like the Trillium. This is Ontario's native flower and it is very beautiful. I would also farm more simple plants like lettuce, berries, apples, cucumbers, and peppers. These are native to the area and are food for the primary consumers and for humans as well. I would try to avoid pesticides as much as possible because they can be harmful to the plants and even to me and my family.

3. For my vehicle of choice I would drive the Fisker Karma. I would choose this because it is a cool and sporty car but it is also efficient because it is electric. The car was built in 2011-12 and was designed to provide a sporty feel, but be environmentally friendly. It is environmentally friendly because it doesn't release pollutants. It is a 4 door 2.0 litre ecotec car. Two electric motors drive the back two wheels.

4. The three waste management systems I would have are composting, recycling and regular garbage. I would use composting because the fruit and vegetables belong in the compost and not the normal garbage. This would reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. I would choose recycling because it is a better method of disposal of plastics. The objects that would be recycled go to a plant where they are turned into other useful objects. And then I would put the remaining garbage items in the normal garbage because that is where they belong.

5. My family would adopt a Lowland Gorilla. I would adopt this animal because it is endangered and close to being extinct. I would also try to breed and reproduce the beautiful Lowland Gorilla so that one day in the future it will not be endangered.


1. The three toxins I would have in my house are bleach, Windex and Tide. Bleach: is a substance used to remove colour and whiten, or often by oxidation.

Windex: is a glass and hard surface cleaner manufactured in 1933. It is made up of 100% solvents.

Tide: is laundry detergent that is made of 80% water and the other 20% is hydrophobic.

2. Bleach is mainly made of Chlorine, but also contains sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite.

3. My element (chlorine) is located in the second last family on the periodic table. Therefore it is a Halogen.

4. The element i have chosen is chlorine, and chlorine is a non-metal.

See a picture of the Bohr Rutherford diagram at the top of the page.


1. I would use solar panels to provide electrical energy. This is a very sustainable and renewable source, because as long as there is a sun there is energy. Solar energy is not like others, as you do not need coal or water or gas. It simply uses sun. Also, having solar panels and using solar energy does not give off any pollution, making a safer ecosystem for animals in every environment.

2. I am going to use solar panels.

3. I would choose quite recent appliances because they are more every efficient and do not cost as much in electric bills. Refrigerators that are around ten years old cost about $4.7 billion a year in electric bills. Also, using a refrigerator that is within the energy star guidelines can save anywhere from $35-$300 in electricity bills yearly. Having an energy star appliance saves the amount of greenhouse gas emissions going into the sky, which means less pollution from the appliance.

4. I would use CFL light bulbs for my house, because they last long (up to 10 years) and use a really low amount of power. One CFL light bulb costs about $4 per bulb. This is extremely cheap considering the next best, LED, cost around $36 per bulb. A while ago, people didn't like the look of CFL bulbs due to a yellow looking colour. But now they have opened up to a full colour range. One drawback is that this lightbulb is seriously dangerous if not disposed properly. The bulb contains mercury, and if mercury leaks into the garbage and to landfill, it can negatively affect the water. Therefore, I would use CFL bulbs, but I am going to make sure the disposal is safe and correct.


1. Failsafe Flashlight: I would include this flashlight in my house because it has two bulbs, making sure that if one bursts, there is another one to back it up. This would be very useful in a storm if the power goes out. It would be useful because even if one bulb were to burst, there is a backup and you will still be able to see in the dark.

Edible Toothpaste: i would make sure to include this in my house because it is safe and easier for my family. My kids might like to swallow toothpaste and having it edible is great because it allows them to do so.

Advanced Plastics: these would be essential because they are durable and cheap. Lets say someone in the house damages or breaks a bowl. I don't want to pay expensive prices for new ones, so this is perfect being durable and cheap.


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