Puerto Rico

Una Isla De Encanto


The government type of Puerto Rico is commonwealth. It is a territory of the US, meaning that they share the type of government and political systems. When they choose a a certain government representative, they have to have the consent of US Congress. They can't vote, but they are American citizens.

Favorite Sport

Their favorite sports are tennis and baseball.

The Capital of Puerto Rico

Representative Animal(s)

The two animals of Puerto Rico

The are the Coqui and the Parrot. "El Loro Puertorriqueño"


Puerto Rico is on the dollar system, meaning that they have the exact same currency as the United States.

Music and Dance

Their music consists of folk and classical music.

Hispanic Folk Dance Group ``Plena de Puerto Rico`` from Cleveland, OH

San Juan (Puerto Rico's Capital)

Population: 389,714

Political Situation: Commonwealth