Myth-Telling Through The Years

Every Culture brings stories and every story is beautiful

The significance in myth telling..

In our 1.2 Native American Notes--Myths and Legends I learned that myths are traditional stories that help explain cultural history and beliefs for example in the Native American culture they have one story teller that was responsible for communicating to the next generations.


A common Egyptian story telling that I remember from my world history class was hieroglyphics. The Egyptians used this system of writing to draw things and write things that they felt we're important or symbolic to them. Today there are still pyramids that contain these messages!
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To the Future we go!


I'm sure your very familiar to the old time classic film of Pinocchio when I was a kid someone would always refer to Pinocchio when they found someone caught up in a lie. Pinocchio was known for his nose because any time he would lie it would continue to grow and grow and when he stopped lying it would go down little by little.

This is the end of my journey

As you can see with my examples I am very familiar with myths. They are far more diverse in this time period but I absolutely love learning about them especially the older ones such as Zeus,Oedipus,and Native American stories. It's so beautiful to see how different cultures are and how different their beliefs are and just how far we've come. My favorite stories are fairytales because they've always been a huge fun dreamy like story and I will read them to my kids someday. Cinderella has always been my favorite princess and as a little girl I was so enchanted with her that I still carry her with me today. I love that I got to present this because it's truly amazing to share such brief historical things with you!
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