Cyber Technology

By: Hunter Cady

Cyber Technology

Cyber Technology is the process of extracting information and data from computers to serve as digital evidence for civil purposes or, in many cases, to prove and legally prosecute cyber crime. With technology changing and evolving on a daily basis, cyber forensic professionals must continually keep pace and educate themselves on the new techniques to collect this data.
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How Cyber Technology is Used to Solve Crimes

Computer forensics has been useful in the conviction of many well-known criminals, including terrorists, sexual predators, and murderers. Terrorist organizations may use the Internet to recruit members, and sexual predators may use social networking sites to stalk potential victims. Most criminals fail to cover their tracks when using technology to plan their crimes. It is difficult for criminals to completely cover their tracks when using a computer.

How to work in Cyber Technology

The education needed to work in cyber forensics is pretty basic. You can get a job by having background in law enforcement or computer security. Computer forensics professionals who already have a bachelors degree, and wish to further their education to recessive a raise can get a masters in computer forensics.

The Case Of Krenar Lusha

By searching his laptop that he had downloaded extensive instructions of the making of explosives. This prompted officers to arrest him, and after searching his apartment, they found 71.8 liters of petrol, potassium nitrate and a live shotgun cartridge, along with 4300 GB of memory that included instructions on how to use the various bomb-making ingredients that the police had uncovered.