Onekawa School Newsletter

Week 5, Term 4, Friday 19 November

Vaccination Mandate

Kia ora whanau

The vaccination mandate for schools came into effect this week and I am delighted to let you know that 100% of our staff members are vaccinated. In addition, all members of our Board of Trustees are also fully vaccinated.

This means that there will be no disruption to our staffing which is wonderful news. A huge thanks to my staff for being so proactive and supportive.

Congratulations Mrs Keesom!

Mrs Keesom has been appointed Deputy Principal at Porritt School, starting next year.

Although very sad that she will be leaving us, we are delighted for Marsha to be appointed to this role. Mrs Keesom is a wonderful staff member and Porritt is so lucky to have her.

Congratulations Mrs Keesom!

Big picture

Check out Room 17 playing the recorder!

Room 17 play the recorder

As I walked through the classes today I took some action shots!

Important Notice - Please Read - Level 2 Protocols

Our protocols for parents/caregivers are:

1. We ask that parents do not enter the school grounds. The exception being parents of Year 1 children, and only if you need to. Parents must not enter classrooms.

2. If adults must enter the school grounds, masks must be worn and they must sign in.

Thanks to most adults who have been adhering to these protocols.

School swimming pool - update

As part of the pool upgrade, the surface is being painted this week. It will take another few weeks to ensure the filters and other machinery are operational for the swimming season. The pool will be ready to open at the beginning of next year.
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Important Dates

Thursday 9 December Year 6 Dinner

Thursday 16 December Term 4 Ends - 12:30pm finish

Wednesday 2 February Term 1, 2022 Begins