Analyzing Viola

Viola's identity "shes the man"

viola is a girl in high school she is a teenager. Viola plays soccer but she is cut from her school team. viola is determined and dedicated. therefore, she try's out for the boys soccer team and makes it. she is motivated to play and beat the other school in the championship.

Viola's gender "shes the man"

viola is a female but she disguises herself as a male. she disguises herself as a male so she can play for the boys soccer team. Viola is able to disguises and portray herself as her brother Sebastian while he is in another country. viola fit in well while she is disguised as a male. Limitations viola has is that she cant try out for a boys soccer team because she is a girl and that's unfair everyone should be treated equally.

Viola's perception "shess the man"

while in the movie "she's the man" viola is perceived and looked at differently by all different people. for example, Olivia views viola as handsome as she is disguised as Sebastian. viola views herself as handsome while she was pretending to be Sebastian. everyone sees viola as Sebastian. Duke orison views Sebastian as a friend and not as a female.

similarites and diffrences "shes the man"

similarities I have with this character is determination, she is determined to play soccer and beat the other team. That's how in basketball im determined and always want to win.

we are both different because we both want to excel in sports but just different sports, she is determined in soccer and im determined in basketball.

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viola's identity "twelfth night"

violas is shipwrecked and she is separated from her twin brother. Viola disguises herself as her brother. she does this because she doesn't feel comfortable traveling alone as a girl. Also do she can get a job because if she was disguised as a man it would be hard to get a job.

Viola's gender "twelfth night"

in the story viola is intelligent. she shows her intelligence when she disguises as Sebastian. she is intelligent an put in a easier spots when she talks to duke Orsino. When viola is disguised as a male her female side comes out when she deals with duke orsino. limitations when she was a women it was getting a job it was hard therefore she disguised herself as a man.

Viola's perception "twelfth night"

Viola sees herself as a good loyal person. She is loyal because she tries to win Olivia's love for duke. She also sees herself as charming because she falls in love with duke orsino.

similarties and diffrences "twelfth night"

Viola and I are similar and different in many ways. We are similar because we are both intelligent in different ways. We are also both determined she is determine to win Olivia duke orsino love like how im determined to be the best I can be at basketball.