Overton High's Fine Arts Update

SCS's Optional School for the Creative and Performing Arts

Welcoming Overton's Creative Minds Back into the Classroom

Welcome back Overton Families! I hope everyone is adjusting well to returning to campus for daily instruction. With the first quarter complete, I wanted to reach out and remind our Optional School's families of the requirements to maintain their placement status, and inform you of the exciting things going on at Overton. Feel free to reach out to us here in the CAPA Office at (901) 416-0731 or email me directly at ellisdh@scsk12.org. As always, you can receive immediate assistance from the main office staff at (901) 416-2136.

How may we serve you today?

Mr. Ellis, CAPA Administrator

Mrs. Freeman, CAPA Office Manager


Optional Students must maintain satisfactory attendance, grades, and conduct to participate in the program. Students who fail a course for a semester, accumulate more than 15 attendance marks (tardies and absences), or receive an N or U in conduct, will not be able to renew their Optional Schools status.

Coming in the Next Issue:

  • CAPA Choir Excels in All-West
  • CAPA Broadcasting Collaborates with the Shelby County Health Department
  • CAPA Orchestra gains New Director
  • Much More!